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November 1, 2020 | Issue 1101 | Ginger Cook Studios
Auction News - Fall 2020 Final Auction of the Year
November 1 2020 - Auction
Our fall auction has just begun and will closing on November 15th in the early evening. We have over 60 items up for auction and some for the very first time.

We have offering 5-Year Senior Academy Memberships starting off at a very low price. This might just be the time to sign-up for the best acrylic art lessons on the internet at a tremendous savings. Click on the images above to see what's being offered.

Our New Website - Continues to add lessons
Our Crystal Ball
We have being adding lessons to the new website,, but not as many as we were hoping for.

Not to worry, now that the Auction is underway, we devote full attention to loading all of the lessons onto this site.

The domain will be changing at the first of the year or as soon as we get ready to launch it.
This Santa lesson has not been released yet, but look for in the
Senior Academy and available for download next week!
Final Thoughts for this Edition
Employee of the Month
Chester has been named "Employee of the Month" because of is dedication to helping out wherever he may be needed. He has been the "gopher" for the team and just pitches in with a smile and kind word.

If you see him around, wish him well.

If you have any problems by using one of the Contact Us forms.

We are here to help...just let us!

Thank you for being you!

Ginger, Jon, and the Stuffy Staff