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There has never been a better time to start living your best, healthiest life ... if not now, when?

WW PersonalPoints is The Revolutionary Lifestyle program that takes into account every part of your life –

The FOODS you enjoy most, how you move through ACTIVITY, what your MINDSET is, and how you SLEEP.

These 4 PILLARS are customized by you to the way you live.
So Unique no two plans are the same!
You have the ability to strengthen your resilience to stress
Whether caused by our jobs, our relationships, a forgotten appointment, or an infuriatingly poorly timed parking fine, stress is an unavoidable part of life. Not only do these nuisances draw our focus away from our goals, but research has also found that they can actually cause us to gain weight.
Here's a list of ways to out-strengthen stress.
We all have it let's take control!

1. Recognize the signs
The first sign of stress can happen when we fail to recognize what we’re feeling. Knowing our warning signs that our stress level is starting to rise is a fabulous skill to develop. The quicker you do, the quicker you can take action. There are both physical and emotional signs to look out for. Things like tensing our jaws, as we walk into the office, difficulty concentrating, and feeling fatigued, throughout the day. Short-tempered, and irritable with the kids. when stress is ongoing, the signs can be more serious and can include headaches, insomnia, an upset stomach, high blood pressure, and a weakened immune system.
2. Find a strategy that works for you
In order to overcome these effects and side-step any blows to your willpower, focus on a stress-busting strategy that works for you. Something you can turn to when you start to feel the signs or, better yet, something that can build your body’s resilience, helping it to deal with stress before it strikes. Walk away. 3 deep breaths
3. Establish a routine
Predictable daily or weekly routines can be calming and reassuring. Examples include setting times for everything from physical activity and relaxation to meals, bedtime, and wake time. Spend time with the ‘right’ people, those you care about and who care about you, as well as people who you find uplifting rather than demanding or draining. Talk to them about how you’re feeling—don’t bottle things up.
4. Visit your problems and identify solutions
It’s 3 am and you’ve woken up in a blind panic about something—yet again. Sound familiar? Compartmentalizing can help. Try taking half an hour a day to list your problems and create solutions—then put it all aside and relax. Eckhart Tolle suggests you ask yourself, "Is there something wrong NOW–not yesterday, or tomorrow, now?" There usually isn't. Most of our blind panic is about the time during which we have no control: The past and the future.
5. Practice meditation
Having regular 25-minute mindfulness meditation sessions can improve your ability to be resilient under stress, according to a study performed at Carnegie Mellon University. Even if you don’t want to build a formal mindfulness practice, try making a conscious effort to lose yourself in a relaxing activity like gardening, or doing something every day that you look forward to—like reading a good book.
6. Change your self-talk dialogue
Stress can cause us to say things over and over in our head, and if those things are unhelpful—"I can’t cope" or "I’m too busy"—they can heighten your feelings of stress and anxiety. If you notice yourself saying such things, try replacing these phrases with statements that are soothing and calming such as "I’m coping well, given everything I have on my plate."
7. Know when to seek professional help
If high levels of stress continue for an extended period or are starting to interfere with your enjoyment of life, it may be time to get some professional advice. A mental-health expert can help you identify the behaviors and situations that are contributing to your stress, and suggest changes you can make to the things that are within your control to handle anxiety.

Start your new lifestyle today!
It's a choice, not a diet
There's no good reason to wait.
A healthy lifestyle that includes good food and regular physical activity, helps people achieve and maintain good health starting at an early age and continuing throughout life. (CDC) That's WW PersonalPoints described!
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Overview of PersonalPoints!
WW takes into account how you choose to lose weight, move more the foods you want, be more self-aware, and even sleep better!

Because you create your own PersonalPoints program, it is totally unique to you. By doing so, you begin a new lifestyle ... that's SO VERY DIFFERENT

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The WW 4 Pillars to a healthy lifestyle
Food • Activity • Mindset • Sleep

WW's four Pillar approach to weight loss has proven that while each of these components of our life is important on its own--eating healthy food, fitting activity into our lifestyle, having a good mindset, and getting a restful night's sleep, the combined power when all four work together is undeniable.
This week's letter from DebW
General Manager and Voice of Philadelphia
Hello WW Philadelphia Members!
Some of you might wonder why I always salute you as a Member when obviously some of you are not current in your Membership. The reason is that you are more important than just a customer or client. I call everyone who encounters this company a Member or potential Member, you deserve that respect.

It is not an easy decision to call or reach out to Weight Watchers. I remember chastising myself for not having the strength, motivation, and whatever else it takes to lose weight on my own. I always felt like I was the only one who gained weight like I did, simply because I ate TOO much food. My mind always gave others special dispensation for gaining weight.

Being overweight felt isolating and restricting to me, it kept me from doing things I wanted to do, wearing clothes I wanted to wear, and going places I wanted to go. Most of these restrictions were my own boundaries set up by me, but you know where I’m coming from, and you have probably set up invisible boundaries for yourself too.

Sometimes, I think about the crazy things I thought I was willing to do to lose weight fast. Like living on canned green beans and canned tuna. Those two foods were pretty much my answer to everything. I learned about the tuna and green bean diet from one of those gossip “news” magazines sold at the grocery store checkout line. WHO in their right mind follows a diet from a publication mentioning aliens routinely visiting to advise a current world leader???

I went a lot of years avoiding tuna until recently when I have found myself really liking tuna again. Sorry, Charlie.

Turning around that kind of thinking meant celebrating the wonderful little victories that add up while you find your way to a healthier you: 
Saying “I’m full” when there is still a couple of bites left on the plate and then scraping it into the disposal; Flying without the seatbelt extension; Being able to be hugged by a loved one with arms all the way around you; Having your physician no longer routinely enter “obesity” on your health record; Being able to zip up a freshly laundered pair of jeans without laying on the bed. Yep, those kinds of things make for a good day.

No matter your number on the scale right now, you have installed many good habits you never turn away from due to your embracing WW into your life, while learning to accept and love yourself a little more through every pound.

Every one of us has a story about how or why this happed but while there is some uniqueness to each story there are more commonalities. The truth is YOU are not alone when you are involved with WW and whether you’re a current Member in the trenches, a fully aware At Goal LT Member, or a former Member we share the same or similar stories every day.

One day while leading a WW workshop years ago and I mentioned the enormously embarrassing binge meal I consumed before joining WW and I saw heads across the room nodding in understanding. I was truly shocked, thinking this was my own personal little (well, not LITTLE) problem.

One method I learned from other Members while sharing that experience is to ask myself, “will I be able to eat this food in the future?” Can I freeze it for another day? Could I come back to this place for more? The times when the answers are not “yes” are rare. The very important learning: there is no reason to eat the last crumb because it is in front of us. That is a major WIN!
Now some of you might be saying something like this to yourself, “I’m glad I was never that bad off.” Well, I am glad too but some of the things I mentioned above are as common to the Members who wanted to lose 20 pounds as they are to the Member who wants to lose 100+ pounds.

The quick fix doesn’t exist. If you’re overweight or have been overweight (At Goal LT MEMBERS) you know you can’t give up. You can’t stop, you must be mindful, watchful, and aware and we at WW are here to assist.

Stay well and let’s talk again next week,
Deb Wright
General Manager
Voice of Philadelphia
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