Helping Children Navigate Through Racially Tense Times
Recent events have brought children face-to-face with race issues
Watching symbols of racism waved inside the Capitol building along with hate-filled banners, t-shirts and propaganda displayed during the riotous events of January are a stark reminder that this country still has a ways to go with regard to its race relations. 
Online Learning Is What It Is - But What is Next?
A year into online learning kids have regressed. How do we get things right?
Parents may be the primary educators of their children but in these eternal winter days of remote education, many feel increased weight to that 24/7 mandate. They must ensure their children actually log on daily and fully engage in online classes—resisting endless distractions like Roblox. Students must self-motivate, complete assignments on time and avoid the “COVID slide.” But families can take practical steps to improve students’ academic performance and outlook-- and enrich their learning experience even after return to the classroom.
Book of the Month: Ruby Bridges: This Is Your Time
The story of Ruby Bridges, a 6-year-old African American girl living in New Orleans, who became the first black student to attend an all-white elementary school in the South in 1960, is a symbol of strength and the possibility of change. Ruby’s story serves a bridge from an era of racial injustice to one with hope for a better future.

Every year Black History Month is celebrated in February and commemorates the accomplishments and struggles of African Americans. The events of 2020 and already this year, demonstrate that our country still has a long way to go toward healing many of the wounds of the past and correcting current inequities and racial issues.

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The Children’s Trust and COVID-19: What We’ve Done; What We are Doing
As we look to the months ahead and deal with the immediate present, The Children’s Trust knows that it will have to deal with some of the same pandemic issues and that new ones will come up. Fortunately, we have experience adjusting to almost unimaginable conditions and we pledge to continue our support. Here is a brief summary of our COVID-19 response so far.
Be Strong International: Helping Build Relationships
Provider Spotlight
For more than a quarter of a century, the not-for-profit organization Be Strong International has helped children and parents improve their relationships through a variety of programs and initiatives. Recently, through a partnership with The Children’s Trust, Be Strong International has now brought that expertise to bear as part of The Parent Club. Be Strong is among the organizations that give 90-minute workshops that present families with tools and strategies to help build healthy and caring relationships among parents and their children. 
Other News
The COVID-19 Vaccines and Children
The ABCs of Going Back to School
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