A Powerful Podcast for All Parents
The Great Kindness Challenge week is one of my favorite events of the year, as our entire community makes a deliberate choice to focus on kindness! I’d like to acknowledge that I've provided a lot of resources in the message. If you only have time to explore one thing, please prioritize the Kindness Can Be Taught: Here’s How podcast. 

The Kindness Can Be Taught: Here’s How episode is one of four in the Raising Awesome Kids podcast produced by NPR's Parenting Life Kit , in partnership with Sesame Street’s Kindness Workshop, Harvard’s Making Kindness Common project, and the Jessie Lewis Choose Love Movement .

There are a couple ways to hear the podcast:

Prior to listening , please note:  The podcast that includes a short commercial break, that is not intended to suggest any endorsement by Bel Aire school. Also, this is not a podcast we are sharing with students, as it does reference the 2012 tragedy at Sandy Hook. Please use your discretion in listening while your children are near. 

If podcasts aren't your thing, you can read the podcast transcript here , or at least take a moment to consider some powerful conclusions like: 

  • Kindness requires courage.
  • Prejudice is a major barrier to kindness.
  • To build kindness, practice mindfulness.
  • Teach real apologies, and frame forgiveness as a gift you give yourself.
  • Practice gratitude to "raise the capital" of everyday kindness.
  • Kindness is a habit; rituals, chores and service can all help.
  • Adults need to give kindness as much attention as we do academics and achievement. 

Additional TGKC Student Activities
I shared several resources for families in the January 15 Flash and there are some new ones below. Take a look at a bulletin board that Bel Aire 5th graders are using to share some of their acts of kindness!