Volume 128 | June 2020
How to Trace Your Grains
Transparency in every step an ingredient takes to one’s plate has proved to be anything but a fad as consumer awareness continues to grow and encompass new questions and concerns. Identity-preserved (or IP) products are a result of this ever-growing desire for more information, providing the traceability and quality manufacturers are looking for and the transparency consumers are starting to demand.

Generally, in a commodity food system, grain is gathered from many farms into one distribution hub, making it impossible to parse out which grains came from which farms. Identity-preserved products, however, can be traced all the way back from your fork to the farm where they grew. 
6 Ways to Eat Granola
With its inviting, sweet taste and snackable crunchy texture, granola is a great “gateway” whole grain food. Learn our tips for choosing the healthiest granola and creative ways to use this family favorite food.
Whole Wheat Flour Has More Minerals, Antioxidants than Refined
Researchers analyzed 168 types of wheat flour to compare their nutritional profiles. While spelt and organic wheat varieties had significantly higher levels of antioxidants and minerals than their conventional/modern counterparts, a far greater impact on nutrition was observed when comparing whole grain wheat to refined wheat. Whole grain wheat flours had 2-4.3x higher antioxidant concentrations and activity, 144% more phosphorous, 125% more potassium, and 209% more magnesium than refined wheat flours. 
Whole Grain Sourdough Bootcamp: Tuesday 6/30 at 3pm ET
In this 1-hour webinar presentation, Dr. Erin McKenney of North Carolina State University will do a deep dive into the nutritional and microbial benefits of sourdough fermentation with a special focus on whole grains. We’ll finish by offering a sneak peek at some of our favorite whole grain sourdough recipes, and where home bakers and fermentation enthusiasts can learn more about these topics.
P.S. Did you miss our 5/8 webinar on transforming taste buds or our 4/15 webinar on wheat sensitivity? The recordings are now available online.
Cool Whole Grain Recipes for Hot Days
Blueberries and blue cheese lend a punch of complex flavor to this hearty summer salad, which features sorghum, June's Whole Grain of the Month . Round out the meal with grilled chicken or fish, or toss in a can of chickpeas when you make the salad.
An Oldways Whole Grains Council recipe
We served this tabbouleh inspired salad from Bob’s Red Mill at our 2014 Whole Grains Conference , and it was one of the most popular dishes at the event.

Recipe Courtesy of Bob’s Red Mill Natural Foods
Overnight oatmeal is the perfect grab-and-go breakfast. Try experimenting with different fruits and flavorings.

An Oldways Whole Grains Council recipe