How to Track a Cell Phone Location Without Installing Software?

One way to track a cell phone location is to use a cell phone locator. They are available for both landlines and cell phones. If you would like to find a cell phone location, you need the following details to get started. All states in the US allow you to track a cell phone location.

The simple answer to how to secretly track a cell phone location is, Yes. Some years ago, this ability was only available to law enforcement and technical geeks. Now, tracking a person or location with a mobile phone locator is readily available. There may be many reasons someone needs to track a cell phone location.

You may want to find a cell phone number that has been called repeatedly from an unknown location, or you may want to see some old contact info that has somehow been lost. Numerous iPhone, iPad, and Android apps are available to help you find any information you desire. Most of them have to do with searching for people, places, or addresses. The two most popular ones are the Google map-based app and the free reverse lookup app from iOS, providing you with location info.

These apps have two ways of retrieving information: fee-based or ad-free. The fee-based trackers are usually the better of the two because they have live locations for every cell phone number. The best way to locate these location-based apps is to search for them on Google or Amazon. At the very least, the free versions will let you track a specific device. The paid ones will give you detailed location info for each device.
How to Spy On an Android Phone Without a Tracking App?

It's important to note that iPhones and Android devices don't share the same database as iPhone spyware and android devices. This is why not all of the free trackers on the market work on either of these devices. Some of them only work with iPhones and Android phones, while others work equally well with both. For example, Spyware doesn't seem to recognize iPhones and installs itself automatically on them.

The other way to track a cell phone location is to purchase a program from a website, which requires you to input the cell phone number you want to track (the only type requiring a credit card). Once you've done this, you can then enter your target device into the program. It will then look up the exact geographical coordinates of your target device and return a list of address points for you to view in your browser.

This method is much more accurate than the free trackers we looked at earlier. It can even track someone who isn't on their smartphone at the time the report is created. For example, if you want to track a specific person to stop contacting your ex, you could enter their address before running the program. When they open their app, it will find that they have moved, and the location tracker should pick up their new address. This makes it easy to track someone down if they're no longer in use of their device.

Unfortunately, there isn't currently any software available that allows you to do this automatically. You'll need to run the program each time you want to track someone down. If you don't know their address or phone number, it can be beneficial to have this option. Just remember that location-based services aren't perfect. Sometimes, you'll still need to run the programs each time you want to view the current location of your target.
Is it Possible to Track a Mobile Number Current Location Free?

If you need to find a cell phone location, you should first take to sign up for the many free mobile phone reverse lookup services available online without installing any software. You can try searching through Google, Yahoo, or Bing, but chances are you will not find what you need. These paid services exist specifically so people like you can find information about a phone number that has been left on their mobile. They can be helpful if you suspect your partner is cheating, have missed calls from someone you do not know, and need to identify the caller before discussing any details with them. They work by scanning the incoming and outgoing text messages on your phone, along with calling history and caller ID on any cell phone.

When you have signed up for a service such as the Google Android phone locator or Yahoo mobile phone locator, you should then enter the cell number that you wish to locate into the website's search box. Some websites will allow you to search on as many numbers as you want, while others may limit the number of numbers you can search from. Once you have entered the cell number and clicked search, you should see details such as the number's owner's city and state and their full name.

Some websites also provide a map directly to where the call came from, so it is possible to locate a cell phone number even if they have left it on silent. In some cases, these free services may not always give accurate details. They have not updated their database as much as the paid versions, which means sometimes you may have to search for more information. However, most of the time, the details you are seeking will be detailed enough anyway.
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