May 26, 2021
Job Killer Update: Several Held in Fiscal Committee, But Others Pass

Action on several California Chamber of Commerce-opposed job killer bills will be delayed until next year with their failure to move out of the Assembly fiscal committee on May 20. Others, including a massive corporate tax increase and bills increasing litigation costs, will be subject to more immediate action.

Memorial Day Traditions

Memorial Day poppies: People wear poppies to honor America’s war dead in a Memorial Day tradition that dates back to the poem “In Flanders Fields,” written in 1915 by John McCrae. Inspired by the poem’s image of red poppies scattered through cross-shaped grave markers, American Moina Michael and France’s Anna E. Guerin started selling artificial poppies as a fundraiser for children affected by the war. Now, many Americans pin a poppy on their shirt as a sign of respect.

National Moment of Remembrance: To ensure the sacrifices of America’s fallen heroes are never forgotten, President Bill Clinton signed into law “The National Moment of Remembrance Act” in December of 2000. The law encourages all Americans to pause wherever they are at 3 p.m. local time on Memorial Day for a minute of silence to remember and honor those who have died in service to the nation.

Hang your flag at half staff: Federal guidelines say the flag should be displayed at half-staff only until noon, then go up to full-staff until sundown.

Playing “Taps:” During the Civil War, a U.S. general thought the bugle call signaling bedtime could use a more melodious tune, so he wrote the notes for “Taps” in 1862. Another officer later used the bugle song for a funeral, fearing the traditional firing of rifles might sound like an attack. Now, “Taps” is a traditional part of Memorial Day celebrations.

America’s Hoteliers Come Together For India COVID Relief
ATLANTA– America’s hotel owners are coming together to support COVID relief in India as a new wave of infections spreads throughout the country. AAHOA donated $100,000 to LPS of USA, Tiny Smiling Faces (Dalubhai Goaplbhai Patel Fund), and Bavaji Charities in support of the charities’ ongoing COVID relief efforts in the subcontinent.
Throughout the past year, AAHOA and AAHOA Members made valuable contributions....

Helpful tools for when you're ready to travel
By Richard Holden, Google

As vaccines become more available, many people are eager to start planning vacations again. We’re seeing more searches for travel-related destination information — like travel restrictions by country and where to travel, which both recently hit all-time highs. If you're ready to plan a trip, here are a few updates to keep you informed on the latest travel guidance and explore potential destinations.

How to use QR codes in hotels as a marketing and guest service tools

QR codes (short for Quick Response Code) contain data used to point towards your hotel website or any other form of information you want to provide to your hotel guests. QR Codes have taken the hospitality industry by storm – most rapidly during the Covid crisis – and can be seen used anywhere from restaurants menus to playing a role in sharing information about health and safety measures.

Perks and pandemics: Elite status in a post-COVID world?

Hotel brands and owners alike have relied heavily on loyalty guests to fuel the engine that has diligently delivered room nights (historically speaking, of course).
Of particular mention are the “elite-status” guests who are proven to travel more and deliver a multiple on the average guest spend, their key motivation being twofold: 1) Status – to receive special treatment and perks while traveling on business and 2) points – the currency by which future vacations can be had

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