How to Use Your Best Wedding & Party Experts

#131, March 29, 2017

 Read on for 
   *  a Tip for planning your wedding & party music, 
   *  details for our next Public Event. 
   *  and another quick Video. 

First, let me tell you a little story.

I hear that next year's IRS Tax Form will have only 2 lines:
Line 1.  How much did you earn?
Line 2.  Send it in!

Ha ha!

I tell my wife this joke every year.
She always groans.

She's an Enrolled Agent -- one of those 
highly trained and certified IRS tax experts 
we all need  about this time every year.

or else it's "Better luck next year". 

Thanks goodness someone in the family 
makes an honest living, while I go out to 
a party nearly every day.  Ha ha.

But I learn important ideas from her  all the time.  
Let me tell you about one.

She has a small private business, and every
year she prepares tax returns for the same
80-or-so regular clients.

Each year the work is better and more efficient,
as they learn to work together more effectively.

I'm real proud of her.  Watching her take care 
of business teaches  me a great lesson about
the value of regular clients.

And just as important, regular colleagues, too.

This lesson applies to all of us, whatever we do.

The lesson is this:  With repeat experience and 
thoughtful reflection, we and our "regulars" become 
an effective team.  

Given enough time, we become a team of experts.

Why am I talking about a "team of experts"?

That's easy.   Using experienced helping hands is 
a smart way  to work  more efficiently.

It's the only way those very best among us can 
accomplish everything they do.

It's true -- for whatever project you're working on.  
Say, for example, you're planning the music for 
your  next special event.

On a project like this, or on any project facing you, 
you really ought to enlist p eople you work with 
time after time.  

People you can count on and who count on you.  
You'll know what to expect from each other. 

You'll increase the chance of working  flawlessly
--  first time,  every time.

With your team, every job you do together 
gets smoother  and  easier than the last one.

I love it!  This is what we all strive for, right?
Your regular clients and colleagues becoming 
your own team of experts.

So here's that tip I promised you:  
Assemble your own "team of experts".  
Or join one.   Or join mine.  Know wha t I mean?

We all develop favorites we work with over 
and over.  Favorite colleagues.  Favorite clients.  

People we think of whenever we need some help.  
People we see and talk with often, so they'll 
think of us whenever the time is right. 

Now,  I bet we're all in the same boat here.

I'm always strengthening my working relationships .  
You too, probably. 

It's not rocket science.  We all just need to stay 
in touch, become friends, and do a perfect job 
every time we work together.

Now in my case, you can always count on me 
when you need music for a wedding or a party.

I'll help you plan the music and entertain your guests .

And now that we're talking about 
planning wedding & party music...
Easter Sunday and Mothers Day are just ahead, 
and you might be involved with planning an 
exciting holiday celebration.

And if you or a friend are engaged to get 
married, you might also be involved with 
planning the wedding.

Perhaps both. 

So the next time you or a friend 
are  looking 
upbeat, elegant music
played the way you want, 
think of us.

Where can you can preview us?  Here  (see details below,
and call 408-245-9120 for possible last-minute additions.)

Friday, May 12, 6:30-8:00pm,
Cocktail Party for San Francisco Junior League,
(" Women at the Center Honors " Celebration) 
Ritz Carlton Hotel,  600 Stockton St , San Francisco

Caterer? Wedding or Event Planner? Bride? Groom? 
Enjoy the festive mood we'll create.  You'll  hear the
popular standards, jazz classics, and Latin favorites. 
Please stop by and say Hi.

So whenever the time is right for you, please  
and tell me about the mood you're looking for.

Watch me talk about my own "team of experts" back in 2012. 

Let's chat soon.  


Robbie Schlosser | Magnolia Jazz Band
"Elegant, Upbeat Music for Weddings and Parties"  

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