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Vol. 9, Issue 2 (September 8/16)
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Skilled trades employers: Don't miss the launch of AdvanceWomeninTrades.com on Sept. 13/16

Local employers are invited to the launch of a special website that provides free resources for employers to recruit, retain and advance women in the workplace. 

Workforce Planning Hamilton and YWCA-Hamilton are the partners who are launching AdvanceWomeninTrades.com.

This special event takes place on Tuesday, September 13th from 5:30 pm. - 7:30 pm. at the YWCA-Hamilton, Senior's Auditorium, 75 MacNab Street South, Hamilton.

Refreshments will be provided. 

For more information please email Liz at liz.enriquez@workforceplanninghamilton.ca or call 905-521-5777.
Statistics Canada releases tuition fees for degree programs, 2016/2017 information

As students head back to school, a recent report by Statistics Canada reports that in Hamilton undergraduate students are paying above the national average for their tuition fees.

Under grads in Ontario ($8,114) paid the highest average tuition fees in 2016/2017; followed by undergraduates in Nova Scotia ($7,218) and Saskatchewan ($7,177).

Undergraduates in Newfoundland and Labrador ($2,759) and Quebec ($2,851) continued to pay the lowest average tuition fees in Canada. 
Understanding future work force trends and addressing professional development opportunities

The way that we do our jobs 10 years from now will be different from the way we do them today. During a talk by
Phil Gardner on recruiting trends he focused on some of the new challenges that employers and career services must address. He noted that employers are less likely to act in an uncertain environment.

Before entering into the information age, employers met potential employees during career fairs and this was likely their only point of contact. Today the search for talent is 24/7 with the advent of advanced analytics, and social media. 
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