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Having A Social Media Policy Isn't Enough To Mitigate Your Liability Exposure.

Under New 1983 Federal Standards, Decision Makers Are Personally Liable For Inadequate Employee Training On Gray Areas In The New On/Off Duty Free Speech Laws.

My Online Course Gives Employees A New

Powerful "Red Flag" Warning System That...

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Gives employees new skills to identify what opinions, jokes, and other digital content qualifies as protected "Free Speech"; especially off-duty speech on private networks.

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The U.S. Supreme Court Classifies Social Media As A

"High Liability" HR Issue, Not A Public Relations Issue.

  • HR and other decision makers are held personally liable for firing or discipling an employee for social media policy violations without proof that employees received outside expert social media liability training.

  • Busy in-house attorneys aren't social media law experts. It's negligence for any decision maker to expect a busy in-house attorney to deliver this type of specialized training to employees.

  • Employees Are Sued Individually For Social Media Mistakes And Face Financial Ruin. (Average Legal Damages Are Over $500,000)

99% Of Social Media Mistakes Are Caused By Off-Duty Employees Using Their Private Accounts. They Are Uneducated On Hidden Nuances In The New

"Free Speech" Laws And Incorrectly Guess On What

Opinions And Jokes Are Protected Speech.

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My affordable online course closes this dangerous gap with a new "Red Flag" Warning System that gives employees peace of mind that all their posts, tweets, texts, and emails are safe and won't hurt your public image.

Need Proof?

All These Departments Had Social Media Policies

And In-House Training; But They Didn't Have

Expert Training On Nuances Int The New

"Free Speech" And Privacy Laws...

Meet the Firefighter Who Got Fired for Fire Instagram 

Content On Personal Account

Maine Capitol Police Chief Apologizes For Social Media

Posts Deriding Mask Mandates

City Manager Apologizes For Post About Sam Houston Statute

Course Attendees Always Ask Me...

"Why Didn't We Have Your Expert Strategies

In Our Previous Training"...


"In Mark's class, I not only learned what I didn't know, 

but was amazed to find out what I did know was wrong." 

Louis Carnell, Division Fire Chief, Hillsborough County, FL

Unless Your In-House Attorney Is A 30 Year Digital Media Attorney Specialist, Please Don't Shortchange Your Employees By Thinking My Type Of

Specialized Training Can Be Done In-House.

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"Great program. Being aware of the hidden liabilities not discussed in other courses saves your public image, and big legal fees." 


Cindy Reid, City Attorney, Davidson, NC


"Too many public employees have paid the price for not receiving the expert tools to navigate social media safely. After auditing the course, we decided to mandate this training to every member of our police and fire departments. If you want to protect your people and your department, I strongly recommend this course."

 Police Chief Tim Barfield,

Wellington, OH (2021)

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“The value and need for this expert social media liability training can’t be overstated for all public employees.”

District Chief Eric Rodriguez, Dunedin Fire Department, FL

I Got Fed Up With Our Hardworking And Caring Law Enforcement Officers Making Costly Social Media Speech Mistakes. So, I Decided To Create A Specialized Online Course That All Departments Could Afford.

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"Your course on social media liability opened my eyes. The "Red Flag" strategies helped reduce our risk. When you first explained the value of your course, you weren't selling, you genuinely cared about our employees. The costs are minimal, the rewards are great."

Chief Wayne Woods,

City of Johnson, AK (2021)

My Expert Online Course Protects Your

Public Image And Employees From Losing...


Why would existing and future residents want to live in a community where untrained public employees constantly make discriminatory, harassing, and other hurtful social media statements?


Under new 1983 federal standards, both decision makers and employees are being held individually liable for social media mistakes. These cases destroy your

personal finances.

Growing Up In A Family Of Dedicated Public Employees And Elected Officials, I'm Very Passionate About Protecting Law Enforcement And All Public Employees From Social Media Liability.

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"Mark Fiedelholtz’s Social Media Liability Course was an eye opener. In an age where social media is so easily accessible and commonly used, most people don't understand the liability that can come into play. This knowledge can be especially important for elected officials such as myself, and all members of an organization."

Walter Priestly, Village Trustee

Farmingdale Village, NY (2021)

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"Our organization has been concerned with potential liability with regards to social media. Finding an expert like Mark Fiedelholtz, who was willing to tailor training for our employees, helped guide our employees on the liability and risks on social media. Our employees are better prepared due to Mark’s course.


Brian Crane, City Manager,

City of Moberly, MO (2021)

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