Do you feel stuck? Do you want more out of life? Do you want to feel alive and energized?

You need to be remembered.

If you are going to get what you want out of life, you need people to think about you first. 
You need to be on the shortlist to get that job. 
You need to exude confidence because you know what you have to offer is unique. 

These goals may seem different but they are the same:

It is about being seen.
It is about your voice being heard. 
It is about your presence being valued.
This is a life you can feel. 
And you need to be more interesting to get it.

How to be More Interesting Than a Cell Phone® covers communication patterns you Need to Stop and 5 Skills you Need to Develop in order to be more interesting to others.
Join us for this fast-paced signature talk by Deedre Daniel. 

Brace yourself – things are about to get interesting! 
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