WAV Group Newsletter August 2020

A clearly communicated story is the backbone of a strong marketing strategy. And the basis for your communications tactics.
by Myra Jolivet

The value of a news release does not come from search engine optimization, clicks on your website, or direct sales that result from its publication. The real value of a news release comes from helping you tell your story told the way you want it told.

by Kevin Hawkins

A few weeks ago, posts on social media popped up about the National Association of Realtors® MLS Consolidation Grant Program. The formation of this grant program came about through NAR’s President’s Advisory Group (PAG) and offered three types of grants for MLS’s to pursue.
by David Gumpper

The need to react wisely in a crisis always presents challenges; effective communication creates survivors. The takeaway? You need to do your research.

by Victor Lund

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