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colour wheel



I've been asked to share with you my interior design knowledge on the use of colour within the home.   The question was,

"How do I know what colours to use in my room when I'm not very confident with colour and I don't want it to look a mess when it's finished?"


This is just one of three main concerns that I'm frequently asked about with respect to using colour in the interior design of a home... take a look and see if you've experienced any of them:


1) You don't feel confident with colour so you plump for neutrals and then you feel as if your home is bland and boring.

2) You are comfortable using colour in your home but you're not sure you've used the right colour because it doesn't reflect your personality or the look and feel that you imagined for your home.

3) You feel as if the colour you've chosen doesn't suit the room because it makes your home feel dark, small or dated.


To help you overcome any of these concerns, I've created a short mini video that will help you understand how to use colour successfully in your home...

Click here to watch my short colour video


Here's a summary:

1) If you've not colour confident then choose a monochromatic colour scheme (one colour with shade and tone) to add interest and appeal to your room without being too showy or vibrant


2) If your personality is bright and bubbly you could choose a contrasting colour scheme (opposite each other on colour wheel) or, if you're calm and relaxed you might prefer a harmonious colour scheme (next to each other on the colour wheel)


3) If you want a room to feel open and spacious opt for a cool colour scheme (blue, green, yellow) but if you want a room to feel cosy then opt for a warm colour scheme (red, orange, purple)


I hope you take inspiration from this and that it helps you understand, even just a little more, how to use colour successfully in your home... enjoy x


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