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As February is the month of romance, I'd like to share with you Antoinette's story.

Antoinette got in touch with me because she wasn't confident creating a master bedroom that her husband would also love and enjoy. Here's her bedroom before the makeover, very neutral and calming...

Master Bedroom Before Makeover

Most couples go down the plain and neutral route for a master bedroom because they don't want to offend their partner or they can't agree on a style that will incorporate both tastes. The bedroom design becomes a compromise which can often lose the sense of romance, it's a place to sleep but it's not quite your idyllic place to relax and unwind.

I thought it would be useful to share with you Antoinette's story of how I created an interesting and fresh design for her master bedroom that both her and her hubby find interesting, appealing and romantic. You can apply these simple tips to your own bedroom makeover to create your sanctuary of sleep and haven of happiness. 

Adding a touch of colour to any room will liven the design and create a sense of individuality. It doesn't have to be colour that smacks you in the face when you walk in the room, it can be the #gorgeous pastel colours that soothe the mind. 

For Antoinette's bedroom I recommended this subtle lavender wallpaper by Sanderson.

Sanderson Freya Wallpaper

Purple is a royal and spiritual colour that adds a touch of power and romance to any room. Using the subtle shade of lavender combines Antoinette's love of purple without it being too 'girly' for her husband's taste.

The layout of your bedroom should be carefully planned with special attention to storage and a sense of openness. If your bedroom is organised then there will be less distractions for your mind and this will help you to sleep peacefully.

Antoinette's Digital Design Room Layout

Antoinette's bedroom was flanked with fitted wardrobes that are an ideal storage solution for her clothes and accessories. The only problem with the fitted wardrobes is that they dominate the room and the mirrors opposite the bed will not help settle her to sleep.

Fitted wardrobes

To make the fitted wardrobes less dominating, I introduced soft and romantic wallpaper into the overall design of the master bedroom. Instead of the wallpaper stopping at the picture rail, my design takes the pattern all the way from the floor to the ceiling. This balances the wardrobes, making the room feel more spacious and relaxing. I also recommended swapping the mirror doors to the outside of the fitted unit so that they are not opposite the bed. This makes them more useful as full length mirrors and settles the energy in the bedroom creating a haven of harmony.

To add a touch of romance to the bedroom, I incorporated French style furniture in the master bedroom design to soften the dominating wardrobes.

When reviewing the layout of your bedroom, consider every piece of furniture and how it adds to the overall feeling of your room. Will it help you to sleep soundly? Will it make your bedroom feel open and spacious? Will it help create a romantic and relaxing space to dream away your troubles?

I always use the phrase, 'Design is in the detail' because it's the attention to detail and the finishing touches that help to create the overall atmosphere in any room.

For Antoinette's bedroom the key focus was linking a soft feminine colour scheme with her existing bed and blending in French style furniture, her favourite pictures and her personal treasures.

Digital Design Ideas Board

In your own bedroom, consider how you want your room to feel (romantic, calming, relaxing, safe, haven, sanctuary) and then use those words to inspire you when coordinating the bedroom furniture, lighting and accessories. All of the items in the room should marry back to your words of inspiration. This will help to create the cohesive bedroom design of your dreams... just like Antoinette's.
Antoinette's Digital Interior Room Design

Antoinette and her hubby both love the romantic digital design for their master bedroom and I'm looking forward to showing you the finished room later this year: "The digital design appealed to me because I wasn't confident creating a romantic bedroom that my husband would also love. Gwendoline listened closely to my brief and 
came up with a range of solutions that took into consideration our lifestyle and the personal touches that turn four walls into a special space. The Digital Design Service is a hassle-free, quick and a professional approach that delivers excellent results." 

Have fun creating your romantic bedroom.

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