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Energy Audits
Discovering ways to save for a family of 7

Luis Guerrero wasn’t sure what to expect when he signed up for a free home energy audit. He knew his old house needed upgrades and suspected his energy bills were higher than they needed to be. Before diving into renovation projects, he wanted to know the best ways he could save money—both upfront with rebates and in the long run as he saves energy and money on his bills. 

What did Luis’ home energy audit reveal? Find out as Luis shares how he improves his home in the ways that really mattered to his family of seven, saving money and energy along the way.

Ready to learn strategic ways to upgrade your home and save money? Book a free virtual home energy audit now!
A Bright Idea
Discounts on LED lighting ends September 30th!

Save up to 30% on LED light bulbs through the end of September. Look for the blue “Simple+Smart” sign wherever you buy light bulbs and save instantly—no rebate or coupon required. 

Don’t miss the savings! Make sure to buy your LEDs before September 30th, when the discount expires for good.
Greening Ohme Garden
Modern business park transformation uses half the electricity at a fraction of the cost

Ohme Garden Business Park has gradually transformed from an outdated office building to a case study in modern, energy-efficient office spaces. The building uses about half as much energy as a typical, similar-size office building in our area—yes, half!

The building is also more comfortable, brighter and much quieter than before the upgrades. Renters have taken notice. The 31,700-square-foot business park is almost fully occupied by local businesses thanks to the smart upgrades.

What’s more, Chelan PUD helped pay for about 80% of the total cost of energy efficient improvements, which will save energy and money for years to come. What upgrades make the building so efficient?
Pump It Up
Heat pumps save year-round

Heat pumps move heat around. They use a little bit of energy to pull heat from one space and move it to another, which is much more efficient than using energy to create the same amount of heat. 

Turn it on in summer and heat from inside your house is pulled outside to cool your home. Flip the process around in winter and heat from outside is pulled inside to heat your home. Pretty cool!

Even cooler? Save up to $1,400 on an efficient heat pump or up to $1,000 on a ductless heat pump and save money for years to come.

The same idea works for heating water. Use a heat pump water heater to pull heat from your garage to heat water for your home (or a similar system to heat your swimming pool). Plus, get $800 cash back!
Public Power Efficiency Benefits
What does energy efficiency have to do with broadband Internet and parks?

Why does Chelan PUD help customers save energy? Yes, it’s a way to give back to our community and reduce utility bills. Using energy responsibly is the right thing to do for the environment. Plus, upgrades improve Chelan County homes and help you live and work more comfortably.

What’s more, saving energy locally also means having more energy to sell to other markets. All of us in Chelan County share this amazing hydropower resource and the benefits it brings, including high-speed internet, public parks and other Public Power Benefits. Pretty amazing, right? 

This program only works if we all do our part to use energy wisely. If we use all our energy at home, we won't have any to sell. So, the next time your neighbor upgrades to an efficient heat pump, throw a (Zoom) party! They just helped your whole community!

Have an idea for a Public Power Benefit? You can recommend projects, too.
Rebates Are Real
What other customers want you to know

We love hearing from customers. In a recent survey of those who received rebates this year, here’s what they suggested:

  • Make rebates bigger! We took this to heart and doubled the cash back on your efficient window and insulation upgrades. Take advantage of the savings—both when you upgrade and for many, many years to come!

  • Make sure everyone believes these awesome programs! It’s still hard for some to believe that the rebates are real, so we tapped in Bigfoot just to prove it to you. #RebatesAreReal Learn more about how Chelan PUD will pay you to make your home or business more energy efficient.
We're Here for You

Our lobbies remain closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, but our energy experts are available by email or phone at (509) 661-8008. To reach our Customer Relations group, call (509) 661-8002.

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