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Change is the only constant there is. Yet a lot of people resist change. Why? Fear of the unknown. We don’t know what’s going to happen or what we’ll experience when we’re on the ‘other side’ of the change in our life.

Our cells change by dividing and making more cells. The moon is in a different area in the sky each day because the earth is constantly rotating in the solar system. Some change we know is coming — when we’re in school and know we’re graduating to the next grade. Most of the change, we don’t know what it is, when it’ll happen, and what it will look like.

When we aren’t experiencing change, there’s stagnation. 

Listen to yourself. Listen to your intuition. Personally I know the two changes I’ll experience this year because I can FEEL it. I have no idea when, who, where and I’m listening to my intuition and the signs that tell me this information. When you know something and you don't know how you know it, that's coming from your Soul.

As we allow our Soul to lead, we’re opening our energy field to abundance and allowing the energy to flow. When we lead from our head or ego, we’re closing our energy field for anything to come in.

Reminder, this is a numerological 5 year which means change and QUICK change is happening. Timelines are collapsing and events are speeding up. Energy is ever-changing. We are gonna shift into 5D whether you understand it or not. So work with these current energies and ALLOW the change to happen. Let go of the need to know.

During the Live On Purpose course, you'll learn how to tune into your intuition, listen to your authentic self and receive new tools to live on purpose. Details are below for the next one starting in May.

When we learn to flow with the change, we experience life with easy and JOY!

Sending you Much Love (and HUGS), 💜
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Would you like to feel happy and experience FREEDOM in your life? 

Learn how to tap into your intuition and your personal power to get CLARITY and direction in your life and/or your career. 

This course is designed to guide you through the process of rediscovering your passions and gifts and start to understand WHY you're here and how to live on PURPOSE! Learn how to bring PASSION into everything you do.

Topics include:
• Meditation • Journaling • (NEW!) Private ThetaHealing® Session • Angel Guides • Astrology • Private Numerology Session • Pendulums • What you want and need during the course.

The next 8-week virtual group course starts in May with limited availability. Claim your spot today by May 5th! There's only 3 available.

P.S. A YOUTH EDITION of the Live On Purpose course starts in June. This is for youth ages 12/13 to 22/23 years old. Click here to be the first to know.
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