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Harrington Discovery Institute is now soliciting proposals for the 2018 Harrington Scholar-Innovator Award.

The Harrington Scholar-Innovator Award offers inventive physician-scientists the resources to advance their discoveries into medicines. Letters of Intent are now being accepted.$100,000 guaranteed; opportunity to qualify for up to $700,000 over two years

Letters of Intent are being accepted through midnight April 5, 2017. Read on...

How to determine a protein’s shape.

Only a quarter of known protein structures are human. ABOUT 120,000 types of protein molecule have yielded up their structures to science. That sounds a lot, but it isn’t. The techniques, such as X-ray crystallography and nuclear-magnetic resonance (NMR), which are used to elucidate such structures do not work on all proteins. Some types are hard to produce or purify in the volumes required. Others do not seem to crystallise at all a prerequisite for probing them with X-rays. As a consequence, those structures that have been determined include representatives of less than a third of the 16,000 known protein families

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The BBVA Foundation expresses the engagement of financial group BBVA with the cause of social responsibility in the societies where it does business, in pursuit of a better quality of life for all citizens. The central planks of BBVA's corporate culture and strategy are the promotion of knowledge and innovation, and respect for the ethical principles that characterize the plural society of the 21st century, which it views as key contributors to ongoing value creation and the opening-up of new opportunities and choices for individuals and groups.

Nominations are open from January 1 through to June 30, 2017

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The Prize aims to encourage the global development of the mission of higher education institutions in education, research and innovation in the agricultural and life sciences by recognizing the distinguished contribution of an individual to this mission.

Deadline for nominations 17.00 GMT 26 April 2017

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