How to do a 90 Second “Fast Pitch”

Start with a “hook” – i.e. = Get the attention of the listener.

State the problem (pain/need) – from the point of view of your potential customers.

State your name, title, and company name. The title of “Founder” may be a good choice where you don’t have any prior experience.

What is your Competitive Advantage? (How you are going to do it better, cheaper or faster, etc.?)

  • Is it disruptive?

How big is the market and is your business scalable?

  • How many people have this problem and would be willing to buy your product or service?

How do you make money?

Have you achieved a proof of concept – are the dogs eating the dog food?

Who “believes in you” – that can bring credibility to your pitch?

What is the revenue potential in terms of sales? You may also mention how much of the market you intend to capture (e.g., 5% in 3 years).

The team is critical = tell us about management and especially yourself.

Is the “package” complete – management team, market-ready product, & paying customers to help seal the deal?

What have you already put into your venture in terms of money and sweat equity? How much money do you need and what do you need it for? Will you need additional funding?

Remember the purpose of the Fast Pitch is to give the listeners enough information to get excited and want to meet with you and learn more. You need to tell them – “what time it is” and NOT “how to make a watch.”

-Tech Coast Angels