Are you excited about getting admitted to the Bren School but unsure how you're going to pay for your degree?

Not to worry! There are plenty of options for financial aid, fellowships, academic appointments, and employment for Bren School students.

The Bren School MESM program is among the most affordable graduate programs in environmental science and management in the United States. California residents have the benefit of in-state tuition/fees; non-residents who are US citizens may establish California residency after one year to gain the same benefits.
* An important note about TA positions:  If financially feasible, the Bren School recommends not taking a TA position in your first quarter so you can focus on getting acclimated, meeting your cohort, and doing well in your core courses. Each UCSB department has their own timeline and application process so please contact the department you're interested in working for to inquire about open positions. More information can be found  here  and  here . Additionally, TA sections may conflict with the Bren School's professional development and networking activities on weekdays at 11 am - 12 pm, including Bren Seminars on Mondays, academic workshops on Wednesdays, and Career Development workshops on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Please keep these events in mind while you consider your options.
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