Maximize protection and guarantee stability with a
Gapless Acrylic Shield Installation for Panel Systems
from RightAngle Products
In our NEW animation video, see for yourself how our custom Acrylic Shields are designed and installed on a cubicle panel system. 
Learn how our protective barrier solution works with nearly any cubicle panel system to:

  • Eliminate gaps* 
  • Maximize stability
  • Maintain proper alignment
  • Minimize spread of water droplets and aerosols
  • Increase overall safety

You’ll also see aside-by-side comparison of a RightAngle™ Acrylic Shield install vs. a standard sneeze guard install. Which one is most effective? Watch to find out.

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If you'd like to create your own custom Acrylic Shields for your panel system, contact our expert customer service team at 800.298.4351 or

The RightAngle™ team is here to help you create an effective, cost-efficient solution to best safeguard you and your staff.
*as little as 1/8" bottom space