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A peel removes dull, cellular buildup and stimulates skin regeneration, revealing visible and measurable improvements.  This includes reduced wrinkles and fine lines, pore side, oil production, blackheads, blemishes, as well as improved texture, tone, and hydration for a more vibrant appearance.  Skin peels may be beneficial in the treatment of sun damage, rosacea, acne, pigmentation, and aging skin.  Peels may be performed for skin correction and prevention on the face, hands, back, chest, and feet.

Many people have a sense of anxiety when referring to a chemical peel-however once they are educated on this process, their anxieties are quickly resolved.  Peels are available in a wide range and are customized to the clients needs.

Clients who just want a quick refresher would benefit from a light or superficial peels which in less than 5 minutes, instantly rejuvenates and awakens the complexion, with zero down times and no peeling.  A gel or liquid is applied to the skin for 3-10 minutes with a slight tingling sensation and then removed to reveal an instant, quick fix; a brighter, more vibrant complexion.  This is the ideal revival for fixing the winter blues.  A series of 6 peels in a 1-2 week interval are recommended, with a once a month maintenance to keep skin revived and fresh.

A single peel costs $85  
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Client's who are a bit more daring and looking to correct skin conditions may opt for a mid-depth peel which delivers dramatic results and a brand new complexion.  It is preferred that the client prep their skin for a few weeks before this peel with a Retinol based product.  This particular level of peeling does require 2-4 days of visible peeling, like that of a sunburn; however it is very temporary and worth the transformation that occurs within the skin.  This peel goes deeper and delivers dramatic results.  A series of 3 peels in 3 week intervals, once a year is recommended.
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A mid-depth peel costs $150-$225 depending on the number of layers and boosters
Buy 3 and receive 10% off

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