This newsletter is to share with Chambers of Commerce and Boards of Trade current marketing and sales approaches that will attract new members and to promote the Chambers Plan for the business group insurance.Learn what chambers and boards of trade across Canada are doing to grow their numbers.
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Social Media
Your members are active on social media. Create content by visiting your members in person and taking pictures and video. Creating a campaign around your content is an effective way to create awareness of both your chamber's and your members' brands. To do this effectively, tag the business you are featuring and create interest with a fun fact or question.

Take this example from the St. Albert and District Chamber of Commerce . In 3 seconds, the chamber managed to be creative, funny, and feature a new member. The videos don't have to be long, or edited, just interesting and different. They created connected content by tagging the business's name and having 3 people in the videos. After all, the chamber movement is about people.
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Wellness articles in this newsletter have been written by Johnston Group for the purpose of being shared by chambers across Canada. They are intended for distribution within your network, please feel free to share the link or the content via social media, blog, or your own newsletter. We are passionate about living well and hope you'll help us spread the message!

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