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Leading to Improve | Nyland News | February 2020

Leading to improve. News you can use to keep getting better. 
Leading for higher purpose is this month's theme. And Black History Month is a fitting time to remember MLK Jr's quote:

The time is always right to do what is right .  
Brian Benzel's review in February AASA says nuanced leaders:
1) Jointly determine change
2) Adapt as needed
3) Build trusting relationships
Review: The Infinite Game by Simon Sinek
The Infinite Game , says Simon Sinek, is all about purpose, not the bottom line. Great leaders identify a compelling Just Cause and grow Trusting Teams. Together they grow great cultures and great futures. 
One district's quest to reach EVERY student!
Positive Growth-Producing Relationships
Selah School District makes its purpose really clear: Positive growth-producing relationships with the students who need it most. And they back it up with intentional support and coaching.

Leading Learning :
Leadership for Learning starts at the top. What superintendents and district leaders can do to improve student learning.
The essential skill
as we rise through the ranks.
More to Read & See:
A dozen books and movies worth noting. Harriet is all about Purpose:
Live free, or die!
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Warm regards to my "leading learning" colleagues. Spring is coming!

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