Summer 2021
Summer at Last - A Time to Relax and Enjoy
Welcome to our Summer edition of Animal Writes! Read on for more information about:

  • Why it is important to vaccinate your cat
  • Keeping your pet cool this summer
  • How an animal behaviorist helped a cat and dog
  • Hospice care for cats - the Amazing Maisie
  • What's happening at PAWS this year

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How to have a Cool Cat this Summer
At last, summer is here: a time for fun and relaxation! Although this is good for us humans, it can be a difficult season for your pets. Heatwaves and fireworks are just two of the things that can take a toll on your pet's physical and emotional well-being. But you can take steps to keep your pet cool and comfortable this summer so that both of you can safely enjoy the season.

Call the Animal Behaviorist

Sometimes a cat's behavior changes dramatically and no amount of trying can reverse it. You may be at your wits’ end and even wondering whether you can keep the cat. That's when you know you need help. This was the case for Sheilagh when her cat Naya suddenly started acting aggressively toward her dog.

Hospice care - for a cat?
Part of PAWS’ mission is to protect the rights and well-being of all domestic and wild animals in Wakefield and surrounding communities. Sometimes, we care for animals that have complex health issues, which makes it challenging to find new homes for them. But an animal’s health or adoptability do not stop PAWS from trying to provide the best life possible for each and every feline that comes into our care. In such cases, PAWS places the animal in one of its foster care homes, where it will live out its days in a loving, caring environment. We call it hospice care for cats.

Maisie is one such cat that came to us in March 2020 at the beginning of the COVID-19 shutdown.

PAWS Plans for a Busy Summer and more!
$5 Fridays
$5 Fridays is a grassroots fundraiser to support our most needy cats. Each Friday between July 9 and August 27, a different cat will be featured on our social media platforms. We ask for your help to care for these special cats and all the cats in our care. 
PAWS & Play
Music Bingo
This year we will be hosting our first annual "PAWS & Play Music Bingo" fundraising event on Saturday, September 18th, from 7:00 -10:00 PM. Music bingo combines two fun games, music trivia and bingo, into one! Save the date, share with your friends and look for more details as we get closer to the event.
The Mediumship
is Back!
Our friends at With Love and Gratitude have reached out and offered to conduct a virtual Mediumship (via Zoom) for our loyal followers. We are very excited to have it return on Sunday, October 3rd.
Save the date and watch for more details to come.