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Ever wondered what EI Virtual is all about? Now's your chance!


IHHP is excited to announce EI virtual is now available in a  public training format with an introductory rate for July 7-20.


Coming soon...HOT TOPICS just for ELT's. 


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Thanks and keep up the great work!  
Christie Higho
Program Manager 

Public Programs


Emotional Intelligence

Virtual classroom:

July 7,9,14,16,20


Emotional Intelligence

New York: May 19-20

Toronto: June 16-17
Toronto: June 18-19

Toronto: Sept. 22-23

New York: Oct 6-7

Toronto: Nov. 10-11

Toronto: Nov. 12-13


We wrote the book on pressure 




How to help a pressure-cooked CEO

Great insights from Dr. JP Pawliw-Fry's article for CLO magazine.


Some might covet the corner office, but those in it are subject to pressure that can wreak havoc on their health and performance. CLO's must come to the rescue.

What can learning leaders do to help CEOs succeed in the midst of unrelenting pressure in the top job? It starts by better understanding the science of pressure: how pressure can affect a CEO's - or anyone's - thinking, decision-making, behavior and performance. 


What should we do to help a pressure-cooked leader? 

For the full article in CLO magazine, click here.

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Building your COTE of Armor. Introduced to you in our March newsletter: Part two of the four part mini-series. 

C - Confidence

O - Optimism

T - Tenacity

E - Enthusiasm


'When we face a high-pressure situation, we feel a mixture of excitement, eagerness, anxiety, and dread. What we experience in such moments is directly influenced by our level of optimism or pessimism. If we are more optimistic and hold a positive expectation of the future, then we will feel more excitement and enthusiasm, while a pessimist will feel more dread and anxiety when facing the same challenging situation.


Optimism helps manage this dread and anxiety, which enables us to perform closer to our capability in a pressure moment.'


Excerpt is taken from page 201 of the Performing under Pressure book.


Continue building your COTE of Armor with this 4 part mini-series. Next month, T is for Tenacity. Read more in June's newsletter.


Performing Under Pressure:
In the media!

Thanks to INC. Magazine for naming our book one of the top ten business books of 2015 (so far)

Can your leaders handle the pressure?

Workzone-Performance under pressure

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