Get Involved - Join A Club!
Did you know that Iowa State has more than 900 student clubs and organizations? The options are endless - anything from A (Airsoft Club) to Z (Zoo, Exotics and Wildlife Club) at next week's annual ClubFest.

This year's ClubFest will be a virtual event. It will run Monday, Sept. 14 to Friday Sept. 18. Love tea? There's a club for that. Want to try quidditch? Join the club. There's athletic, artistic, engineering, clubs and more. Get information, find out when the club's next event is, sign-up and more. Click here for more details. A great way to meet new people!
Football is Back!
The Cyclones open their 2020 football season tomorrow against Louisana-Lafayette. We hope you get a chance to watch the Cyclones and have fun in the process. You may have received an email this week from Senior Vice President for Student Affairs, Dr. Toyia Younger, encouraging you to party smart as you cheer on the Cyclones. (You can read the letter here). Remember, you are allowed one guest per resident in your room. If you watch the game off campus, wear face coverings and maintain 6-feet apart when possible.
New Testing Site Opens

On Tuesday, the main COVID-19 testing site moved to Johnny’s inside Hilton Coliseum. This new location allow for increased testing availability, more parking and provides an indoor location now that the weather is starting to turn.

Hours for the new site are Monday-Friday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday 8 a.m. to noonj. Appointments will be required and can be made by calling 515-294-5801 or online at You'll need to bring your red ISUCard and fill out a pre-screening questionnaire before to arriving for your appointment.
Put Your Food Scraps to Good Use!

Did you know Iowa State has a compost facility south of campus? Your food waste from our dining centers and commissary kitchen goes to the compost facility. There, it’s turned back into a product that’s used on campus in landscaping and construction projects. Those banana peels and chicken wing bones? They’re put to good use.

But to make sure your food waste is put to good use, please do not throw your regular garbage into the composting dumpsters outside the dining center facilities. Just like recycling, non-compostable items can't break down, so the entire load will be discarded and taken to the landfill and not used the way it was intended. 
Can I Turn Up the Heat?
Last week reminded us how the Iowa weather can change in an instant - from 90 degrees to 40 degrees in a matter of two days. The cold snap has raised a few questions regarding heat in the residence halls.

Our systems are complex and cannot be turned on and off, like your home. To make the switch from cool air to heat, our facilities team looks for a consistent four to six day stretch when the high is 45 degrees. Preparing the systems for heat takes several days, once the system is turned on it will stay on until the spring when the temperatures go back up. Our staff is monitoring the extended forecast daily and is getting the systems ready so they can make the switch once we have consistent weather.

Remember, space heaters are prohibited in rooms on campus. 
Show off Your skills at the Student Union Board’s Virtual Open Mic Night! This is open to ISU students only. You must have prepared material and your set can last no more than 10 minutes. Kind of shy? No worries – log on and watch the show. Get all the details here.
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