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Nov 7, 2019
" The early bird catches the worm. "
Something as fragile as a small bird can adjust your attitude in a minute. On a bleak day, a brilliant splash of red from a Cardinal's wing or a shock of blue from a Jay can catch your eye and keep you entertained in the moment. Tiny Chickadees chirp and sing as if it were the middle of spring, and funny little Nut Hatches hop vertically up a tree trunk as if there were no gravity.

Birds that stay in our area during the winter months, bring beauty, activity and show surprising hardiness. It seems they are not bothered by the snow or cold temps. However, they could use our help in some instances, and we get the added gift of admiring them for a while.

One thing is for sure, the weather in New England is NOT predictable. Even in 24 hours, it can change in extremes. If you love to feed the birds, or would like to start, there are just a few things to keep in mind when it comes to preparing for winter.

Birds can have a rough time of it in certain years. If snow cover is heavy, and temps are freezing, they may not get enough food or worse no water.

Below, C.L. has given us some great points on how to gear up for the cold weather regarding birds.

Bird-watching groups might be something you may want to consider as well. On this peninsula, we have the   Cape Cod Bird Club. They have walks and monthly meetings to get more information on where to go and what to see.

Country Garden has talks about birds during our off-season. We bring in experts from the area and in the industry. You can sign up for notification of these events by  clicking here.

Enjoy the shorter days with a little bird activity. It can make a difference!
Be well -♥ Nan
Big enough to serve you
Small enough to know you.
The HCG Blog
by C.L. Fornari
Gearing Up To Help The Birds in Winter
Searching for Food, Drink & Shelter

Many people either dread winter or are not too thrilled about its arrival. We don’t look forward to brushing snow off our cars, walking carefully to avoid slipping on the ice, or having to pile on layers of clothing and don special footwear. But one thing we can anticipate with some pleasure is the sight of brilliantly colored feathers and the movement of birds in the
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By Kate Karem
This article is filled with inspirational plants that will attract birds to your property in the Fall.
Fall's Fruiting Shrubs
If the painterly foliage didn’t already have us in thrall of fall, the season’s bumper crop of brilliant berries now adorning flowering shrubs would surely do the trick. Roses, viburnums, snowberries, and hollies are all loaded with colorful berries that shine in fall’s glowing sunlight.
Think of fall as the “other” fruit season when nature ramps up producing the... READ MORE
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