Eliminate the cost of business phone lines 
Newt Managed PBX,
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March 2016
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I currently pay for my business phone lines through Bell; will I be doing the same with NEWT?
We do not charge on a per line basis. You'll only pay a monthly fee for the Voice Network Access Service. This fee varies depending on the type of service your phone system is running off of. Typically other carriers can charge upwards of $65 per line. With NEWT your monthly voice service costs can be reduced by as much as 80% - start saving today with a Free Business Phone Bill Analysis/Audit.

Maximum Value with Cost Savings
NEWT Managed PBX
  • Eliminate the cost of business phone lines
  • Eliminate expensive support contracts
  • Eliminate the need for dedicated IT phone system personnel
  • Reduce or eliminate the costs of mobile long distance charges
Feature Savings
  • Eliminate the cost of conference calls
  • Eliminate the monthly cost of per feature billing
  • Eliminate the cost of voicemail
  • Eliminate phone extension costs
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Leave a Professional Voice Mail Message

Today, technology requires us to use many numbers and locations for telephones, fax machines, mobile phones, and email. Often, these mediums can be very impersonal. However, by applying some "electronic etiquette", we can make our digital communication more effective.

Voice Mail Tips
  1. State your name and company
  2. Clearly say your phone number
  3. Details - ask specifics of what information you require
  4. Clearly say your phone number again at the end of the message
  5. Consider leaving your email address as well
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This quick video tutorial shows how to transfer a caller directly into an individual's voicemail box from a Polycom 331/335 when the intended recipient of the call is busy and cannot take the call.

Visit the NEWT YouTube Training Channel for access to all NEWT Training Videos. Learn about NEWT Managed PBX setup and customization, PBX features, phone options and more!

Training is an essential part of the entire NEWT Managed PBX package, because as simple as the system is to install, manage and use, the extensive feature set can be daunting for new users. Once a system is installed, the training doesn't stop there as new features are always being introduced, and new employees require education as well.

Make the most of your business phone system and kick up your skill set with these webinars for end users and administrators of the NEWT Managed PBX.

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Three The World's First Long-Distance Telephone Line

The first long-distance telephone in the world, built in 1877 by the Ridge Telephone Company, connected French Corral with Bowman Lake (previously known as French Lake), 58 miles away. It was operated by the Milton Mining Company from a building on this site that had been erected about 1853.

Surgical Room, Christopher Goeldner, COO

TestimonialWhen our business outgrew the virtual PBX provider we were using and went looking for a great customer service solution, Fibernetics put us in touch with Take-Hold Marketing who, through their professionalism and customer service, made it a very easy switch ... I would have no hesitation in recommending Take-Hold Marketing for any business looking to present themselves professionally without spending the big dollars.
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