How to maintain anti-static flooring
Looks can be deceiving. Particularly when it comes to anti-static flooring. Our StaticStop ESD tiles look like everyday flooring. Yet maintaining that flooring and the ESD qualities takes more than a mop and soapy water. 

First, it is important to note static control floors are easier to maintain if treated with an ESD finish. The vinyl used to create ESD flooring is soft and can be easily scratched by heavy equipment and scuffed by black-sole shoes. The ESD finish will also help the flooring’s static control properties last longer. DuraGuard and DuraGlass ESD™ are some ESD finishes we sell. 

Keeping your antistatic floor clean of dirt, debris, and residue will also prolong the life the static control properties. That’s why it’s important to use a cleaning solution that NOT leave behind a residue. 

There are floor detergents on the market specifically made for ESD floors. These products can actually enhance the ESD properties of the flooring. To find the detergent that’s best for your flooring, please give us a call at 508-583-3200. 

For additional information on cleaning your ESD flooring, check out the blogpost on our website.
FreeStyle ESD under a forktruck
Speaking of how our ESD flooring holds up to heavy equipment traffic, check out the video on the right.
Aerospace and defense
Electronics in the Aerospace and Defense industries are only becoming more sophisticated, and as a result, face challenging demands in the environments in which they are utilized. Making these products in a properly designed ESD Protected Area (EPA) is critical.

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