June 2022 Newsletter
Getting the Most from your Photography Investment
Wedding photography is arguably one of the top three investments each couple makes for their big day. Next to the venue, it is typically the next vendor secured and one you will build a stronger relationship with outside of your planner. We wanted to share some insight to make sure you get the most out of it!
Pre Booking
Make sure that you schedule a phone call consultation with your photographer! Sure there are plenty of lists on other wedding websites with hundreds of questions to ask, but consider making it more conversational. Ask them about their approach to wedding day photography, what they like about it, what would they say their aesthetic is, etc.

Ask to see a recent (within the last year!) REAL wedding day gallery. Not a destination wedding, not a styled shoot with models, a real actual couple they spent the time with. It's important to ensure you would be happy to receive a gallery-like they are sharing with you.

Check their social media, not only the photos they post but the ones they are tagged in. Look at what others share that is not as curated as a photographer may be.

Remember there are many things that factor into great photos and while yes your photographer is a major part of that it's important to realize if you are booking a photographer who only showcases outdoor weddings and tented receptions, but your venue is a historic church with a ballroom reception the style you like may not be what you get. Opt for a space with lots of options regardless of sunshine or rain on your day.
Post Booking
Keep the lines of communication open! If your photographer emails you, respond within 2 days. We know you're busy, but they are as well! Keep communication in their preferred way. if they are emailing you questions, don't reply via text. If they're only texting you, don't take it to Instagram messaging. By respecting their method of communication you will ensure what you need is not slipping through the cracks.

Do an engagement session with your photographer. This is so important for a number of reasons. You will get to see how your photographer coaches from behind the camera but they also get to see how you interact. It gives you a chance to see their editing on your photos as well!

Wedding photography is such an intimate experience. Your photographer is likely to be the first person to see you in your wedding dress! They should be someone you at the very least like, but even trust and respect and enjoy their company! Having a mutual rapport will ensure a much better experience versus a stranger just showing up.
Pre-Wedding Day
Build your timeline with your photographer. If your photographer has not asked you about putting one together by the 30-day mark, reach out to them directly. Make sure to allow enough getting ready time!

A good timeline that takes into consideration sunset and travel time between points of interest on your day will greatly reduce stress on the day of and make sure there is a nice flow.

Provide a reasonable family formal shot list. Absolutely do not just wing this on your wedding day. Take the time to list out immediate family members - it's very important you have a wedding photo with them. Not sure whom to include? These are typically reserved for parents, siblings, and grandparents. Got way more than that you want? Provide a second list and ask if it would be best to do it after the ceremony or wait until the reception! The more the merrier, but just clear it with your photographer!
Wedding Day
On the day of, here is your goal - Enjoy yourself! Trust in the professional vendors you have invested in and know that you've talked to them before the stress of the day. They are prepared to handle it based on your wishes, and all the things you've talked about previously. Remember what this day is about. (Hint hint, YOU!)

Feed your photographer because no one wants to work with hunger pains. You will likely have nearly an hour where you're sitting eating dinner and your photographer needs to as well.

Looking for a great list to start with? Check out our preferred vendors on our website!

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