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June 12, 2017 --  How to manage family working together
            "What happens with no mutual managing?"
Jim and Bob are brothers in business who are not on the same page, have their own agenda's, have their own visions for the company and still wonder why the company is not doing as well as it should. They have not learned what it means to manage one another.
            "Seems Weird!"
The result of managing one another is working together for mutual success. Managing one another begins with learning each other's way of working. It is knowing the goals, challenges and stressors of one another and how to manage each. It is understanding how others make decisions, handle information and pass judgements. It is discovering ways to enhance your relationship with one another so you all win by having a more successful company. It is sharing the same information about you with them. Cooperation, trust, and honest communication are the basis of managing one another. It is your responsibility to see that it happens. Seems weird to say "managing one another" - yet we do it a little everyday, with immediate family and through the conscious manipulation of others when we want something from them.
             "It is Weird what happens next"
Managing one another is letting go of assumptions and undiscussed expectations. It is a complete understanding of the dependence you have on knowing one another - well. It is not trying to change another person, it is more of an awareness of what it takes to work together more successfully and managing to that awareness.The more you really get to know one another, and manage that knowledge, the more successful the family and you will be. Weird isn't it?
Kwaiserism "Knowledge brings understanding. Managing that knowledge brings success"