Use the winter boat shows to your benefit whether you are an exhibitor or visitor

To whom it may concern,

are you striving for European visibility of your business and looking for professional assistance to promote your brand before, during and after the 2017 boat shows?

Successful participation in or visiting of an exhibition means professional preparation. However most companies in our industry are not big enough to employ a dedicated marketing team. They do not present their products on the basis of a consistent promotion plan and therefore do not achieve their commercial goals.

If this sounds familiar than my advice is to outsource your boat show projects to the Nautical Trade Pilots’ team of professionals. Professional preparation, pre-show communication, on-site promotion and instant follow-up is what you can expect.

For instance the BOOT’17 DÜSSELDORF show will take place in just over a month and although time is running out, BOOT’17 DÜSSELDORF can still be a success for your company with the help of Nautical Trade Pilots. Call me at +31646440794 (NL) or send me an email about your marketing issues that need expert support.

Act today and secure* the best possible BOOT’17 DÜSSELDORF show preparation now!

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Dirk AgterFounder/Owner


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