How to participate in the
Formula Junior
Vintage Championship Series
This Series is about Showcasing:
  • Our Historically Significant Formula Junior Race Cars,
  • Formula Junior History
  • Authenticity
  • Camaraderie and Spirited Competition
  • Four Race Classes

Winning isn't everything
FJHNA Trophies acknowledge the total "vintage" package
Remember, if you enter an event that's on the joint FJHNA & Monoposto schedule you can compete in both the Formula Junior Vintage Championship Series and the Montoposto Championship (Champion determined solely by finishing position).

To Participate in the Vintage Championship Series
requires 3 simple steps:
One time Registration -
Enter any event -
Report your results

Complete a required one time FJHNA registration on our website (
Current FJHNA members must register for the Series.
Car information must be completed to be part of our Series.
Remember, Victory Lane Magazine will do a personal article for each driver who Registers by Dec 31st.

Enter ANY event as per the event sanctioning body's rules.
NOTE: FJHNA and Monoposoto will publish a joint schedule which will include FJHNA Reunions (extra points) as noted in the schedule. OR you can race at any venue you choose.

After each race/venue, complete and submit an
"Event Submission Form" (
I will confirm and enter your information into our 2022 Championship Standings page.

  • Champions and podium finishers for each of the four classes will be announced at the end of the race year. Trophies will be awarded and an article will be published in Victory Lane Magazine.

Please Register Now so we can begin the
Victory Lane Magazine driver articles.

see for more details; points scoring, rules, classes, Victory Lane article
or as noted at the very bottom of this message
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