Chlorolab 2+: Your solution for O2 evolution or uptake measurements in real-time across a wide range of samples!
From chloroplast extractions to
mitochondrial suspensions!
Chlorolab 2+ liquid-phase oxygen electrode system
The Chlorolab 2+ is an advanced system for the study of respiration and photosynthesis from liquid samples under automated illumination from a white, red or blue LED light source. The system automates the acquisition of oxygen evolution/uptake rates over user-defined light intensities to determine the apparent quantum yield.
  • PC-operated USB Oxylab+ electrode control unit
  • DW2/2 advanced electrode chamber with 4 optical ports & integral S1 oxygen electrode disc
  • LED1/W white LED light source (up to 2,000 µmol m-2 s-1) with automated control via user-defined PFD light tables (Optional LED1/R (red) and LED1/B (blue) light sources also available.)
  • Suitable for liquid-phase samples between 0.2ml – 2.5ml (min. 1.5ml if illuminated) with 0% – 100% oxygen concentration
  • 24-bit high-resolution measurement of oxygen signals
  • Integral systems for measurement of pH & another ion-selective electrode (ISE) signals with 16-bit resolution
  • Onboard LCD readings of oxygen, auxiliary & ISE signals
  • 2-channel capability via purchase of additional systems
  • Quantitherm PAR/Temp sensor for light source calibration
  • OxyTrace+ Windows® software for data acquisition, hardware control & data analysis
  • Real-time 0V – 4.5V analog output of oxygen signal.
The liquid-phase oxygen electrode system for advanced photosynthesis & respiration studies
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