How to sell your ultra-premium package

Dear Friends, 


One of my clients, Michelle Harkey, has a weight-loss program that does something incredible: it works!


I mean, everybody knows how to lose weight. It's easy! You just eat more fruits and vegetables and exercise more, right?


 The problem that many of us face is that we're our own worst enemy. There are so many ways that we sabotage our success, place limits on how healthy and happy we can be, carry tension from childhood that has the power to hold fat in our bodies. When we attempt a new health-kick we secretly don't believe it will work, so it doesn't.


Michelle's 90-Day Transformation Program is full of the tools that a woman needs to eat healthy, maintain an exercise program, cleanse toxins and tap into her energy. What makes Michelle's program stand out is that she also coaches her clients through mental hurdles, hangups and habits that have kept them in the same place, year after year. 


Her challenge (shared by everyone who has something awesome and valuable to sell) is getting people to say yes to the $5,000 price tag. 


I have no doubt that she will sell her big kahuna package, and take her business to the next level.  Here are several reasons why:


1) She has a clear idea of who her ideal client is: a woman who has success in other areas of her life, but who can't seem to get the results she wants with her body. 


2) She understands the value of her product: Even though some customers get an alarmed look on their face when they hear the price of her 90-day package, she knows how much value they receive, and so she won't be tempted to lower the price. Instead, she will focus on bringing the price into perspective, and concentrate her efforts on marketing to people who are already in the habit of buying premium coaching products. 


3) She understands that people need time to make a decision, and her marketing plan reflects that knowledge: Customers need to trust you before they agree to buy a high-priced item. Michelle's lead generation system gives women a chance to come to her for free workshops, get a discount on a massage, or try a service that has less of a commitment, but gives them a taste of how much more she can help if they came to her more often.


4) She has a mentor with a proven system: Her mentor, John Barrett Hawkins, teaches people how to use an online video sales funnel to help people solve their problems and lead them to a sale. The videos that she will produce form an emotional connection with potential clients that can't be created with web copy alone. In the videos, she will tell stories where she will be her genuine self and show her vulnerability. Because people don't respond to data, they respond to stories. 


5) She practices what she preaches and is having the time of her life: Michelle developed her system through her own journey of self-transformation. Many of her current clients see how she has changed her own life, and want to have those changes in their own lives. While she did lose weight, the most important change is that Michelle learned how to be a more joyful and free person, ready to enjoy her life. 


Do you have an ultra-premium package? Many business owners have a menu of services that will help their customers. As an experiment, instead of creating a discount to attract new customers, take some time to look at how your services can be combined into the ultimate experience possible for your best customers. 



Mandy Marksteiner
Copywriter and Marketing Consultant

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