Is your system too slow? Snail
  Are your data entry people waiting on your software system to catch up to them? Does your system lock up on you? If you have a non-server based software system you probably are going to experience this if you already haven't. All data and calculations are stored on your computer and that's not going to work well for very long.
         The Solution
  Whether you have our in-house or hosted solution,
iPUB is a server based system where data and calculations are performed and stored on the server itself. Each computer can access the system to do their work on the actual server rather than the users computer making all processes fast and secure.
  Yes, you're right servers can be expensive so ask us about our groundbreaking hosted iPUB System where we not only eliminate the need for buying a server but we also perform all backups, and maintain security while you work on your MAC or PC from any where internet access.

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