June, 2022

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As we enter the hottest months of the year, it is important to take necessary steps to stay safe while working outdoors. There are many challenges you could face including fatigue, heart illness, dehydration, and direct sun exposure. But, you can remain safe and productive throughout the summer if you take action and manage your risks correctly.  Read on to find out more.

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2022 Refrigerant Regulations: Making Sense of it All!
The HVAC/R field is abuzz with chatter about the new AIM/EPA regulations being implemented this year (2022). Thanks to the guidelines being written exclusively in scientific terminology, and vague standards, let's face it...
WE HAVE QUESTIONS! So, I decided to document those questions we all have about what this means for our trade, and answer them in a form of English we all can understand...Hope it helps!

The Top 5 Workplace Summer Safety Hazards (and What You Can Do About Them)
It's time for warm weather, long weekends, and backyard cookouts. But the summer season also brings unique workplace hazards. Staying safe during the hot weather means understanding and managing the risks. From illnesses like heat stress and heat stroke to summer construction projects, let’s look at some of the top summer safety hazards and how to address them.

Hazard #1: Fatigue
While the summer sun can be a welcome change from cold winter days, it can also lead to fatigue for workers who spend a lot of time in. The sun tends to sap energy for a few reasons:

Billions in COVID-relief funding went to schools. Will more of them update indoor air filtration?
Many U.S. schools were in dire need of upgrades — burdened by leaking pipes, mold and antiquated heating systems — long before the COVID-19 pandemic drew attention to the importance of indoor ventilation in reducing the spread of infectious disease.

The average U.S. school building is 50 years old, and many schools date back more than a century.

So, one might assume school districts across the nation would welcome the opportunity created by billions of dollars in federal COVID-relief money available to upgrade heating and air-conditioning systems and improve air quality and filtration in K-12 schools.

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