Fall Edition 2019
Recently a parent asked me how to teach her young son how to use the “invest“ slot on the Money Savvy Pig bank. He (and mom) were confused about how to approach investing as a money choice.

Here are some ideas I offered to help them get started with the concept of investing. (Hint: Don't start talking about the stock market - way too confusing, even for some adults!)

I am tired of reading articles like this : American millennials have an average net worth of $8,000 — and it’s part of a bigger financial problem the generation is facing.

The results are all about decisions that were choices to spend that money in that way. Many of the choices keeping millennials from saving for retirement are flexible. That means, if you are a millennial, you are in control.

W SJ Interviews Money Savvy CEO: Teaching Kids Early About Money
Money Savvy Generation's CEO, Susan Beacham , was interviewed by The Wall Street Journal and focused a spotlight on the importance of teaching kids about money early in life. So great to see this topic featured in the media with tips to help families get started with the "money talk"!

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