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July 29th, 2020
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How to Tell People You Don’t Drink
5 ways to tell people you're sober
The other night, I sat across from a sober friend who was telling a story about a recent outing with coworkers.
“We had to go to a baseball game, and I was the only one that wasn’t drinking. Most of the people didn’t care,” she recalled. “But there were a couple of people that just wouldn’t let it go.” 
It made her extremely uncomfortable. “I’m just not in a place where I want to tell people that I’m sober. I’m not comfortable with that.”
Even in 2019, there is still plenty of stigma surrounding alcohol use disorder. My friend didn’t want to have to explain to these people from work that she was sober because she didn’t want it to potentially affect her job. That’s completely valid. 
And yet, for some reason, it seems like there will always be someone who just  won’t  stop asking why you don’t drink. 

Bring Naloxone Home
The risk of an opioid overdose is greater than you might think. Opioid overdoses happen to anyone and kill tens of thousands of people every year. In 2018, 543 people in Colorado died because of an opioid overdose, and opioid overdoses killed 47,600 Americans in 2017.
Naloxone is a medication that stops opioid overdoses and saves lives. Learn more about naloxone, how it saves lives, and how to bring naloxone home.

Springs Recovery Connection offers Free Naloxone
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Recovery Hero: Ryan Presley
My Name is Ryan Presley and I have been in recovery continuously since September 15th of 2013. I started drinking when I was 18 and immediately had a problem that I was unable to get on top of for over 10 years.
Prior to my current sobriety, I found myself at several very low points. I was stuck in a dead end job that I was about to lose, my family had grown weary of my behavior, friends had started to leave my life and I was suffering consequences with my physical and mental health. Alcohol was the only thing that mattered to me. 

Budget cuts, relapses, and recovery: How the pandemic could perpetuate the opioid crisis
Millions cut from substance use disorder treatment
SOUTHERN COLORADO — The coronavirus pandemic has caused job loss, promoted isolation, and created a lot of stress overall, adding to a mounting mental health struggle in the country. Addiction experts say it has the potential to increase the strain on those with substance use disorders as well.
News5 took an in-depth look at how coronavirus has impacted people in recovery, how it has affected funding for treatment, and even positive changes that may be a result of the pandemic.

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Springs Recovery Connection Impact:
Sparkle Lindsay speaks up for recovery on KOAA

Sparkle Lindsay has been clean for around 14 months and is now a peer support specialist at  Springs Recovery Connection . "The more I gave back, and the more I was helping people find their journey, and find their success, it just gave me this adrenaline... The main thing is the hope because you see people's faces light up when they know somebody's with them," said Lindsay.
Springs Recovery Connection said their call volume spiked by around a third when the pandemic first started.
Lindsay said everyone could learn something from a person in recovery. "We live day-by-day, and we have to wait and wait and wait to see what's to come... We can only control what we can control, and things are just going to be what they're going to be," said Lindsay.
She also said, if a relapse does occur, that there ought to be self-examination afterward. "The big part of relapse is, have you researched it? Do you know why you drink? Can you ask yourself those questions?" said Lindsay.

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