April 15, 2016
Vol. 1, Issue 12
Dear Lakeside Community,

     Hope the first week back from Spring Break was quiet and uneventful for your children and for you. A quick reminder about attendance and tardies....

     We're seeing a rise in non-illness related absences and tardies. Research shows that regular attendance impacts reading, involvement, feeling connected to school and more. Likewise, tardies impact the instruction of every child in the classroom, as when one enters late and has to catch up, especially in the primary grades, teachers have to stop what they are doing to assist. One of our LCAP (Local Control Accountability Plan) goals is to increase daily attendance. Can you help us? HERE is a great article on attendance from the National Association of Elementary School Principals.  

     Attendance will be even more important starting the week of May 2nd when we begin state testing. The tentative schedule shows when we will be testing so please plan to have your child in school on these weeks in these grades (as well as all the time in between). If your child arrives late and testing has started, s/he will be put on a "make up" list which students often find is less than ideal.
     Week of May 2nd - 3rd graders
                              Week of May 9th - 4th & 5th graders
                                                        Week of May 16th - 5th graders 

     The Annual Report for Lakeside Joint School District is finished! But in an effort to save money, we are sending it electronically to parents but will snail mail to residents in our district. We will include it in a few weeks of these weekly eblasts. Click HERE for a copy. Special thanks to Kathleen Hart for her help with text. If you love it, she gets the credit. If you see anything you don't like, its my fault.  :)

     Book Fair thank you's - We couldn't have done it without you! Thank you to the following parents for their time, especially Wendy Wong who did most of the set-up by herself while sick. That's dedication!  Wendy Wong, Tammy Martin, Matt Price, Charlene Norquist, Shirley Tarica, Holly Stewart, Michael Kopcsak, and Staci Checklenis.

     Do you like the new look of this eblast? I've found the change to be much easier to manage and edit. It parallels our new website ( thanks again to Susan Ady!) and the links on the bottom are the same as and take you back to our website. Our Lakeside School Community Foundation can use the same platform, saving money for both organizations. Open to feedback if you have it!   

     Oh.... yard signs? Got any? If so, please bring them back to the district office. Thank you!        
     Our friends up at Loma Prieta Elementary School are hosting a Family Science Day on Saturday, April 23rd....and we are invited. Click HERE for more information. 


Interim Superintendent & Lead Learner
Auction Ahead!
  Our 2016 auction will be here in another week. Do you have your tickets? We really have to have pre-paid tickets taken care of ASAP so we can have an accurate count for Tollhouse. Just a little sneak peak at what's in store.....see you on April 23rd! 
     Click on the picture to the right for a great video from parent Eric Horton.                    Lakeside Rocks! 
Focus on Instruction
    Ms. Brady's  5th grade designed a news program by surveying and analyzing data from the community. With that data, they chose a classic film style to study (film noir), and created lighting, costumes, props, scripts and voices to match that style. This project based learning assignment incorporates writing, speaking, listening, math, art, and technology standards. Click the image to the right to view their newscast.  

Upcoming Events

April 18th - PTA Meeting
April 18th - Foundation Meeting
April 20th - Willow Street Pizza (restaurant fundraiser)
April 23rd - Loma Prieta Elementary Family Science Day
April 23rd - Great Gatsby -  AUCTION
April 30th - Community May Day Celebration & Pancake Breakfast
May 2nd - Lakeside May Day Celebration
May 4th - School Board Meeting
May 10th - Growth Mindset with Stanford's Jo Boaler
May 25th - Open House Night
June 3rd - Spirit Day
  Can You Make the Internet Safer?
     The internet can be a fantastic way to access information, connect with friends, be entertained, explore, and even learn. But it can also be a dangerous place for children who don't yet realize how to use it properly or how dangerous it can be.

Here are some important tips to use at home:
- Set up parental controls. You never know what they will stumble upon if they start exploring or click on the wrong image.
- Keep the computer or iPad in a visible location.
- Make sure the technology is placed and left in a spot where family members can and do walk by at all times. 
- Teach your child about the dangers of the internet. The best resources for parents are on the  Common Sense Media  website. 
- Sit down with your child to set ground rules (i.e. do not share your password)
- Stick to kid-friendly websites (Common Sense Media has reviewed these for you, as well as apps, books movies, music, and the list goes on....)
- Keep the lines of communication open with your kids. 
- Initiate conversations and use everyday opportunities to talk to your kids about being online.
- Teach students about their digital footprint. Click HERE  for our favorite video on the topic of digital footprints and  HERE for our fave on social media. 
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