3 Steps to $20 Billion in New Market Revenue
Dear Industry Professionals,

In case you need something to distract you over the Thanksgiving holiday, I encourage you to read parts one, two and three (this one) of our recent series on Workforce, Policy and Market Opportunities that will create $20 Billion of new market revenue for North Carolina's building performance industry.

Yes, I know that you are busy and this figure may seem far fetched from your perspective alone (that's a lot of money, after all!). But, that's the real point of our efforts to share this information with you.

As a professional working in North Carolina's building performance industry, you aren't alone! The work we all do contributes to more than 3% of our state's annual gross domestic product and every day you and your peers are making homes and buildings better for people, our environment and our economy. There's a lot to be thankful for (you betcha!) this Thanksgiving and our association wants to work with you in 2020 to make our market even better!

Part three of this series focuses on Market Development Opportunities. Whereas workforce and policy investment help address the long-term action our industry needs to make big waves and improvements across the state, the market opportunities listed below offer short and impactful wins, as well as big and lasting waves!

For example, NCBPA members and staff are actively working to require more energy, water and performance verification of new construction homes and buildings by 2022, just two years from now. Doing so will introduce a wealth of new opportunities for commercial building performance professionals and more than quadruple our state's market for home energy ratings. That alone could result in the hiring of hundreds of new workers for our industry!

I hope the opportunities listed below stir up your excitement and interest in getting involved with us. As a reminder, if your company isn't already a member ( check here!), please consider joining for as little as $25 per month to support our efforts and receive the many benefits of association that we offer.

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Thank you and enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday!

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Part 3: Expand Existing & Create New Markets
Pathway to Zero Net Energy Homes and Buildings by 2042

NCBPA members and staff that participated in the development of the North Carolina Energy Efficiency Roadmap and Clean Energy Plan made certain that the reports include a recommendation to "Establish a pathway to net-zero energy-ready new buildings by 2042" (see image below). In January of 2020, NCBPA will begin efforts to develop this pathway through building code improvements, code official and contractor education, workforce development and more.

Participate in NCBPA's monthly Building & Energy Code Committee meeting to learn more about this initiative and join as a member company to get more involved in planning efforts, which include a full two-day track on net zero energy buildings at NCBPA's August 2020 Conference in Raleigh.
See page 17 of the North Carolina Energy Efficiency Roadmap to view recommendations formed by NCBPA members and staff that will be worked on in 2020.
Increasing the Quantity and Value of Home Energy Ratings

More than 30% of all new homes in North Carolina receive a Home Energy Rating, making our state one of the top five by volume in the country. These ratings offer independent third party consulting, testing and verification of energy savings and performance benefits, but can add much more value to builders, their home buyers and even code officials.

Beginning in January, NCBPA members and staff will invest a wealth of resources into achieving three goals for North Carolina's home energy rating market:
  1. Develop needed resources to support the Energy Rating Index (ERI) compliance pathway as an option for the state's new residential energy code.
  2. Develop a pathway for requiring ratings for all new construction homes by 2022.
  3. Expand Duke Energy's successful Residential New Construction Program into the Carolinas territory to offer builders up to $9,000 in cash incentives for energy efficient homes.

By working towards these goals, NCBPA members and staff will develop educational resources for architects, builders, code officials and many others that will support improved design, construction and verification practices across North Carolina. The results will yield better homes, more energy savings and better value for all parties involved.

Join NCBPA as a member company to participate in these efforts in 2020.
Click here to find a home energy rating company that can help your firm implement energy savings, improved comfort and better value for homeowners and renters across North Carolina.
Increasing Commercial Building Commissioning Requirements

NCBPA's Commissioning Committee has been hard at work in 2019 identifying improvement areas for North Carolina's building and energy codes that will afford improved code requirements, verification and reporting for commissioning requirements in new commercial buildings. In addition to existing mechanical, electrical and plumbing requirements, the Committee is focused on implementing improved building envelope requirements that better ensure well-designed and performance-verified envelope systems are used.

Additionally, the Committee is working to develop educational brochures and other resources for code officials, architects and building owners to help them understand the state's current code requirements and how they can be improved further.

Lastly, the Committee is also working to develop promotional materials targeting students, their parents and faculty to improve their understanding of career opportunities with North Carolina-based commissioning firms.

Join this Committee to contribute to these and other initiatives in 2020.
Integrating Renewables and Electric Vehicles into Energy Efficient Homes and Buildings

While North Carolina is widely regarded as a national leader in renewable and clean energy, our state has a long way to go in incorporating renewable energy, energy storage and electric vehicles into codes, standards, certifications and consumer education resources. For example, our current building code has no requirements for homes or buildings to be wired and "ready" for renewable energy, energy storage or electric vehicles. But, our next significant code cycle starting in 2025 can, with your help!

In 2020, NCBPA members will take the lead on developing pathways to growing our state's market for smart and connected buildings that use little energy and water and are powered by clean and renewable energy with storage backups and electric vehicle charging capabilities. Doing so will help our state achieve many of the goals listed in the new Clean Energy Plan and create many new market opportunities in all types of new and existing homes and buildings.
Click here to learn how NCBPA members and staff are working towards a smarter, cleaner and more resilient built environment through codes development, workforce education and more.
How to Use Passive House for Residential & Commercial Buildings

The Passive House Institute U.S. (PHIUS) certification is one of the most stringent and valuable being used across the country, but has yet to garner a strong following in North Carolina. Despite its name, this certification ensures that homes and buildings of many types are designed for significant energy savings and high performance benefits.

Through our partnership with PHIUS, in 2020 NCBPA will continue offering members a Passive House Committee to discuss market needs and opportunities, code improvements and educational opportunities related to Passive House design, principles and certifications.

Additionally, PHIUS will be a track partner at NCBPA's August 2020 Conference in Raleigh, which will offer a wealth of educational opportunities for residential and commercial architects, builders, developers, contractors and many others.

Join this Committee to learn how to incorporate Passive House into your next project.
Click here to read about Care First Animal Hospital's new veterinary hospital in Raleigh, which will be the first Passive House-certified veterinary hospital in the world.
Industry Roundtable Meetings for Owners & Operators

Beginning in February, NCBPA will host a series of Industry Roundtable meetings that bring together the Owners and Operators of member companies to discuss market opportunities, issues and trends. These meetings offer a productive setting for industry leaders to share non-competitive information with their peers and key stakeholders that help improve the business environment in the short and long-term.

Roundtable meetings are being planned for Commissioning Agents, Insulation Contractors, Zero Net Energy Builders & Developers, Home Energy Raters and several other trades. Issues to be discussed include regulatory barriers, consumer trends, workforce needs and more.

Become an NCBPA member company to participate in these meetings. Click here to RSVP or suggest a type of Industry Roundtable.
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NCBPA Board Members participate in the association's summer 2019 strategic planning retreat. Pictured: Tommy Blair of Advanced Energy, Meghan McDermott of High Performance Building Solutions, Pam Fasse of Fasse Construction, Sam Myers of Retrotec and Steve Schreiner of Schreiner Design.
NCBPA is the not-for-profit trade association for North Carolina's building performance companies and professionals. With the support of our members, sponsors and partners, we lead industry efforts to improve the performance of North Carolina's built environment.

In a few weeks, we'll be announcing a new Strategic Plan that incorporates feedback from our member companies on the areas that we can be most impactful to their businesses and customers. Policy and legislation, utility incentive programs, workforce development, consumer education, housing affordability and improving the value of high performance homes and buildings are all included.

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