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In just a couple of days, the Coalition of Essential Schools (CES) will be holding its annual Fall Forum in Portland, ME. This year's convening- Connecting Conversations - will bring together long-time members of the CES community as well as new voices to exchange ideas and share practices that shape student learning across the country. CCE is excited to once again participate in the Fall Forum and connect our current work with our deeps roots in CES and their common principles - meaningful teaching and personalized learning that prepare students to achieve in school and become powerful and informed citizens.  We hope to see you there!
Dan French
Executive Director
Program Profile
Join the Los Angeles Urban Teacher
CCE's partner program - Los Angeles Urban Teacher  Residency (LAUTR) - is seeking qualified and passionate  candidates to join their newest cohort of Urban Resident Teachers. A two-time  recipient of the Teacher Quality Partnership federal grant , LAUTR is an 18 to 24 month intensive credential and master's degree program founded on principles of social justice. Aspiring urban teachers receive rigorous, practical coursework and hands-on training that includes co-teaching with a mentor teacher for an entire school year in a high-needs Los Angeles school.

To learn more about the LAUTR program and how to join, visit

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Policy Focus
Rethinking Assessment Policy in MA
Jim Peyser, current Secretary of Education for Massachusetts, recently wrote a commentary in the
Boston Globe where he states that standardized tests have helped the state progress and that Massachusetts should stay the course with regards to MCAS testing. 

In response, Dan French, CCE
Executive Director, wrote a letter to the editor  where he pushes back on Peyser's claims and asks readers to consider what type of assessments best contribute to preparing students for college, career, and citizenry. He argues that Massachusetts' singular focus on MCAS has narrowed the state's curriculum and led to its growing achievement gap, as he calls for a stronger focus on performance assessments that emphasize critical thinking and real-life skills.
Upcoming Events
Data-Driven Instruction for English Language Learners (EEC104)
CCE is excited to offer a new mini-course this fall in Boston. Facilitated by our ELL coach, this course focuses on the process of data inquiry and how to plan and implement differentiated learning opportunities for ELLs based on the use of the formative assessment cycle and the examination of student work. 

Earns 15 PDPs and fulfills the RETELL SEI Extending the Learning relicensing requirement by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.
For more information and to register,  please visit CCE's Events Page.

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CCE's Stacy Young ( @stacyatcce) will be leading a Roundtable Discussion at the Coalition for Essential School's Fall Forum on Friday, November 6th entitled, Bringing Performance Assessment into the Accountability ArenaThe roundtable will focus on strong performance assessment systems and how educators can change the discourse at the local and state levels about how we assess student learning.
Several CCE staff members will be participating in the upcoming 2015 Annual Learning Forward Conference in Washington D.C in early December. Irene Logan and Laurie Gagnon ( @LaurieGagnonCCE) will be co-presenting the session, Exploring Approaches to Instructional Improvement through Collaborative Inquiry

Stacy Young ( @stacyatcce) and Laurie Gagnon will be co-leading the Summit Session, Using Professional Learning Communities to Create Quality Performance Assessment. Check out next month's e-newsletter for a recap of these sessions! 
November 2015
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"The LAUTR residency program's three main components-curriculum development, assessment development, and social justice framework-are essential in developing teacher-leader skills in its graduates as the voice of school reform from the inside-out."

Emanuele Bardelli, LAUTR Graduate

"Today, all of our young people need to be prepared for a world that increasingly requires our graduates to be critical thinkers, problem solvers, researchers, and collaborators. We need assessments that will promote these skills as well as core knowledge." 

Dan French