Empowering Women And Children Impacted By The Criminal Justice System

We are facing a time of crisis.

As you have heard, a leaked draft opinion from the Supreme Court revealed that Roe V. Wade will be overturned. This development will set us back decades, and it won't end there.

The fundamental right to privacy is under attack. We will see rollbacks across the nation that will criminalize poverty and land poor women in jail.

We must fight back. This weekend I joined a Rally for Reproductive Rights to make it clear: We will not go back.
While we fight for freedom of choice, we must continue to push for life saving legislation. We know that Parole Justice will bring elder women home and save lives.

To this end, tomorrow, Tuesday, May 10th, we will join The People’s Campaign for Parole Justice and the state’s leading advocates for aging and elder people in Albany in support of parole reform, which will save lives. The crisis of aging and death behind bars is sure to continue without your help. These bills promote life and redemption instead of the death of those aging behind bars.

Will you join us tomorrow? RSVP HERE and share this message with your colleagues, friends, and neighbors. We’d be so grateful for your support.

In solidarity,

Serena & the New Hour Team