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February 25, 2020
Dear friend,
What is the difference between surviving and thriving? Is it support? Is it savings? Is it agency to make plans? Yes. It is all of the above.
Prosperity Works is an asset-building program that helps low-income families build financial security through savings and high-impact investments.
One of the key components of our work as a 2gen program is to help families build their assets , both in and out of the program. 

One of the newest ways we are doing this is through an exciting  partnership with Prosperity Works and Rio Grande Credit Union that will help our alumni families  achieve the economic prosperity that eludes so many New Mexicans.

"Life without assets is challenging and unpredictable. Life with assets stabilizes families, increases agency, and strengthens communities. " -Prosperity Works

In this partnership, alumni families with a steady income can apply for a matched savings program to help them reach a specified goal. With the help of a financial coach, families develop an 18-24 month saving plan and make monthly deposits into an individual development account (IDA) managed by Rio Grande Credit Union. As they make monthly deposits,  their savings will be matched 4:1, resulting in up to $2,500 in savings!

What dreams will they open up with this investment? Well, over a dozen alumni have already expressed interest in the program and here are some of their ideas:
Continue their education:
One mother says that the influx of funding would allow her to transfer from CNM to UNM, where she can finish her teaching degree.
Purchase a car:
Instead of sharing a car, one mother would purchase her own. It would allow her more flexibility in her schedule and enable her to respond to emergencies with her children.
Start a small business:
After receiving her national nursing credentials, one alumni mother would like to start a small 
home health care service.
It is clear that investing in families works. This innovative approach to building assets  is emerging as an effective way to combat generational poverty. In fact, studies show that having  just $500 in savings makes children three times more likely to enroll in college. 

When families successfully leave Saranam, they have the ability to support themselves... and now they can also have a jump-start on their dreams. 
New Faces, New Skills
New Member of the Saranam Family

Meet our Family and Community Coordinator, Qadria Naji! 

Qadria will lead the many programs we have to help families grow with one another, learn from community presenters, and connect with volunteers. 

Throughout several years of work in community development, Qadria has been guided by a passion to use activity-based learning, enrichment and empowerment to help youth and families learn life skills and prepare for entrance into the workforce. 

Qadria recently returned from her Peace Corps service in the Philippines and is excited to use her experience to help Saranam families succeed.  
CPR class for families

One of the scariest things a parent can imagine is for their child to be in distress and be unable to help. We can ensure that never happens. 

This month, first-year families completed their CPR and First Aid course. Having this certification under their belt will ensure they are able to protect their children and those around them in the event of an emergency. 

The families always talk about how empowering it is to have this life-saving knowledge. It does more than just impart skills, it gives them confidence knowing they can tackle the scariest, most stressful scenarios placed in front of them. 
"We didn't come here to fear the future. We came here to change it."
-Barack Obama
It was a short legislative session this year but it packed a punch for the future of New Mexico families.  

Read more about some of the bills we followed  that will help  break the cycles of poverty in our state and move families forward together.
  Community Corner 
Volunteer Squad Growing

If you ask any nonprofit what their most valuable asset is, you are sure to hear one answer- volunteers! 

Volunteers are what make our program hum. From leading activities to decorating apartments, we absolutely could not do what we do without the constant care and dedication of volunteers. 

In 2019 a whopping  709 volunteers gave 4,980 hours to our families! That's the work of nearly 2.5 full-time staff working without a vacation---for a year.

AND over the last 4 years, our volunteer squad has increased the hours they give by 25 percent!

Save the Date!

It's almost here! Saranam's 5th annual Dreaming of Home breakfast is coming up on  April 16th from 7:30-8:30am . It is a morning that will leave you rejuvenated and full of hope for the future of families in New Mexico.

Whether you've been involved with Saranam for years, or are just learning more about us, there is something for everyone. It is the perfect time to connect with people that share your passion for families and to hear the inspiring stories of revival that fill our halls.

Did we mention that  the event is FREE ?! So bring a friend and share a morning learning about the innovative ways you can help end homelessness in New Mexico. 

RSVP to Dianne Campbell to secure your spot today!

Breaking the Cycle
This is it! We are fired up for the launch our 2020 BUILDING FOUNDATIONS FOR LIFE annual campaign. 

This campaign supports the new families that enter our program every summer. And as you know, when families go through Saranam, they are not just temporarily leaving a homeless situation; they are B reaking Generational Cycles of Homelessness and Poverty .  

In 2019, your phenomenal efforts enabled us to help 10 families begin their transformation. If you've wanted to help make homelessness a thing of the past and create a permanent solution for our state, this is it. 

Read why our campaign chair , Lindsay Walker, chose to give her time to this campaign, learn about the lives you have helped take flight , and  get involved .

ICYMI: In case you missed it, here is 
what happened  this month. 

Saranam partnering with HB Construction as part of their Thriving Families grant program

Volunteer makes love a verb at Saranam


Mother rediscovers self-love at Saranam


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2020 Legislative Legislative Session

HB 83: Early Childhood Education and Care Fund The bill established a long-term funding source for early childhood education and care services, paving the way for a large expansion of these programs.
SB 168: Foster Youth Changes This bill allows young people in the New Mexico foster care system to opt into additional supports and services up to age 21. Additional support will better prepare youth to succeed in adulthood.
SB 130- School Credit for Transfer Students This bill allows students in foster care (or are system-involved) to receive credit for the work completed when they switch schools.

Given the short duration of the session, several bills didn't make it to a final vote, but received analysis, support and most importantly, furthered the dialogue to create innovative solutions for New Mexico.

HB 148: Increase Working Families Tax Credit This bill would raise the current earned income tax credit from 17 to 20 percent for working families. This helps families shore up the gap between their wages and what is needed to support their family.
SB 323- Opportunity Scholarship Act
This bill would make college largely free for New Mexico residents, providing up to four years of college for recent high school graduates and two years for returning adults.* 

*Although this bill did not pass, the general budget did include $17 million in funding for the Opportunity Scholarship.  In it's first year, $26 million will be allocated to students seeking 2-year degrees and those going back to school.

Want to learn more about the legislation that can impact a 2gen program? The Ascend Institute, a leader in 2gen strategies, has identified 10 top priorities for legislative action to help propel families forward togetherRead more about them.

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