Dear District 2 neighbors, 

Happy 2020!

My team and I continue our dedicated work towards my top priorities as your Councilmember and representative at San José City Hall: engaging and educating the public, providing a platform for justice and equity, increasing public safety, addressing homelessness and the housing crisis, protecting open space, and creating a strong sense of community in South San José .

As we update you on our progress (below in this newsletter, as well as on my website Facebook Twitter , and Nextdoor ), here is a recap of our past three years. I am incredibly proud that we have passionately provided hundreds of opportunities for community engagement.

Our accomplishments together throughout 2017, 2018, and 2019 (detailed in my December 2019 Newsletter ) include:
  • More than $4 million -- requested from my office and approved by the City Council -- from the City's Budget was dedicated to community programs, capital improvements, initiatives, and resources to make District 2 a better place for all.
  • More than 100 events in the community
  • More than 60 Clean Up events
  • More than 100 memoranda I have authored
  • More than 50 Office Hours
  • More than $60,000 awarded in community grants
  • The victorious, historic purchase of 937 acres in Coyote Valley -- through Measure T funds -- will preserve the land and habitat into perpetuity for generations to enjoy! Our goal is to connect the open space to the public and make it accessible for all to experience. Following on the heels of the 937 acre conservation acquisition in North Coyote Valley was the purchase of a 36 acre property on Tulare Hill. The Santa Clara Valley Habitat Agency purchased the “Tulare Hill Wedge” from Hitech Enterprise at the end of November. This purchase capped off a monumental year of acquisition in Coyote Valley and is another hopeful sign that the future of this unique landscape is one of conservation and not urban development. Read more about this small but important acquisition on Tulare Hill.

Read about all of these achievements and more in my 35 past monthly newsletters , which include City resources and information, policy and community updates, upcoming events, and a visual, in-depth recap of the work we've done together.

My goal has always been to empower the community and make City Hall accessible to you -- to give you a voice in local government. I invite you to join me as I advocate for a more equitable San José and make our home a better place to live, work, and play.

Let's connect through my website Facebook Twitter , and Nextdoor!

In community,

Sergio Jimenez
D2 News: Updates & Accomplishments
Celebrating our accomplishments, recognizing influential community leaders, collecting socks for those in need, and enjoying great company at our District 2 Holiday Appreciation Party

As I stood in front of a crowded room of joyful neighbors and friends on Friday, December 13, 2019, I asked everyone to turn to their left, turn to their right, and meet someone new. To me, this is what community is truly about. We may not all agree on every decision that is made in the City we call home, but we are committed and open minded about working together to make San José a better, more inclusive place for every resident.

As I have worked tirelessly towards this goal over the past three years, I have continued the annual tradition of recognizing key neighborhood leaders who have dedicated their time and gone above and beyond to provide outstanding service to our community.

We had the pleasure of honoring the following community leaders for making a positive impact in District 2 (pictured in the 2nd and 3rd rows of the photo collage above):

1. Neighborhood Leader Award - Vito Scarnecchia 
2. Neighborhood Association of the Year Award - Cottle to Lean N.A.
3. Best Local Business Award - MoonBean's Coffee
4. City Employee Award - Dan Greeley , City of San José Park Manager
5. Charlotte Powers Woman of the Year Award - Darryl Ospring , Coyote Creek N.A. President
6. POW! WOW! San José (read about how they brought public art to District 2 in my October 2019 Newsletter: 9 fresh murals bring art to life in South San José )

Endless words of praise were shared about each of our Community Award winners. A sentiment many of the winners shared was: they appreciate the collaboration with other neighbors and neighborhood groups because they cannot make a difference alone -- and neither can I! We hope that you, our fellow neighbors, will continue to join us in conversations, meetings, events, etc. to make productive progress in San José.

Speaking of making a difference... Thank you everyone who arrived to our party bearing socks to donate to LifeMoves , a non-profit organization that supports those struggling with homelessness. You overflowed our sock donation bins and I couldn't be prouder to be a part of this community! The much needed socks were distributed to the men, women, and children enrolled in the Safe Parking Program at Southside Community Center.

I was also proud to recognize our honorary guest of the night, former District 2 Councilwoman Charlotte Powers (pictured in the far right corner of the photo collage above).

And last, but certainly not least, celebrations continued for our historic win in Coyote Valley! This land preservation would not have been possible without the unique collaboration and leadership of Andrea Mackenzie, Executive Director of the Open Space Authority. For more than 25 years, Andrea has worked to preserve open space, farmland, and wildlife habitat around the Bay Area. 

Thank you everyone who made our 2019 Community Holiday Appreciation Party special. View more photos from our event here!
Two of my top priorities since taking office have been increasing public safety and productively addressing our City’s homeless crisis. I am committed to exploring the most compassionate, immediate options that benefit all residents of our community.

When my team and I receive your messages with concerns related to homelessness, we want you to know that we are listening and taking action while simultaneously providing resources and services to unhoused residents.

You may learn more about actions I have taken and plans I have implemented by visiting my Homelessness in D2 webpage and my District 2 Clean Streets Initiative webpage .
From ABC7 News: San Jose Police Department sees recruitment success

"While cities in the Bay Area struggle to recruit and retain police officers, the San José Police Department is finding success.

ABC7 News was granted an inside look as the 48 members of Academy Class 36 underwent final inspections after more than six months of training.

"You're going to have the support of your city leaders, you're going to have the support of your community, and you're going to have the support of your rank and file in your police department," said Chief Eddie Garcia. "You can make a difference here."
Department leaders credit a renewed commitment from city hall, as well as improved relations in the community with helping to make SJPD more desirable to potential applicants."

Homeless Persons Interfaith Memorial Service & Forum is a somber reminder that we must work together to solve the tragedy of homelessness

161 tombstones outside San José City Hall on Saturday, December 21 represented the 161 lives lost to the tragedy of homelessness on our Santa Clara County streets in 2019.

These are not just simply numbers, but human beings with hopes and dreams who deserved better. They are someone’s brother, sister, mother, father, child...

We need to act now to create comprehensive solutions that include all levels of government, stakeholders, community based organizations, and the houseless themselves. We must all commit to working together to solve this crisis.

As long standing and complicated as homelessness is in our City, the path to relief is clear. I hope you can help me continue building support for solutions such as:

- interim housing
- affordable and accessible housing for all
- significant statewide investment in comprehensive wrap-around services that include: compassionate mental health, drug rehabilitation, medical services, job training and assistance, and other needed support to help people become self-sufficient
- changing the narrative around homelessness.

We need to approach this crisis with empathy, not fear. We need to accept solutions, developments, and services in all our neighborhoods and all our communities.

Thank you to the  Silicon Valley Interreligious Council  and everyone who made our Homeless Persons Interfaith Memorial Service and Forum possible.

We had both a somber and empowering time honoring the lives of those who died without homes in our community, bringing awareness to the ongoing tragedy of homelessness, and providing resources to those in need.
The updated CITY OF SAN JOSE PAVEMENT MAINTENANCE PLAN has been released and details expected pavement maintenance for the construction season to commence in the spring.

Pages 7, 11, and 24 of this PDF are of greatest interest. These show, respectively, the Major Streets scheduled for repair, Local and Neighborhood Streets in District 2, and Map of Streets for Pavement Maintenances through 2022.

A summary of pavement maintenance scheduled in District 2 in 2020:
- Lean Ave from Blossom Hill Rd to Chynoweth Ave
- Santa Teresa Blvd from Bernal Rd to the City Limit (south of Bailey)
- Senter Rd from Singleton (District 7) to Monterey Rd
- The Roundtable Neighborhood area (Roundtable/Roeder/Great Oaks Dr.)
Thank you to the Santa Teresa Foothills Neighborhood Association Board Members for inviting me to a sweet, intimate gathering over dinner and dessert in December.

The conversations and relationships built in this room are a testament to what we all hope to achieve as neighborhood leaders for our greater community. I hope all residents have a safe, understanding, and friendly space like this one to share opinions and work together.

The Department of Parks, Recreation, and Neighborhood Services needs help naming a new public park in District 2, and they need YOUR input!

The southside park site is located at the southeast corner of Great Oaks Boulevard and Raleigh Road and will include picnic/BBQ areas, a playground, and shaded seating from trellises and oak trees. The park is anticipated to be completed by 2022.

To vote on a name for the park, please complete the survey by January 17, 2020.

Please contact Zak Mendez, email: zacharias.mendez@sanjoseca.gov or by phone (408) 793-4171, with any questions or comments.

My District 2 Office Hours will resume on Saturday, March 7, 2020. As always, if you would like to talk to us anytime, I welcome you to ask questions, share concerns, or simply have a conversation with my team and I. Feel free to contact us at District2@sanjoseca.gov or (408) 535-4902. Don't forget to provide your name and contact information (email address and/or phone number) so that we may be in touch with you as soon as possible.

Please continue to engage with us!
A Look at More Community Stories
My role as your Councilmember apparently entails stepping in as Santa for the day. I was flattered when one kid said, “That Santa’s a little different!” I'm always proud to support Southside Community Center, our free community resource hub that fosters learning, creates fun, and unites residents of all ages!
December Dumpster Days in the Calero and Station 121 Neighborhoods meant we were out in the D2 community again on a Saturday morning talking to neighbors as they got rid of unwanted junk and helped deter illegal dumping. This is just one way we are working towards #D2CleanStreets.
I spent part of my day visiting with our D2 Women’s Group as they wrapped up a fruitful year of new friendships and great events! I am glad my D2 office can provide a space for these type of community building groups to thrive! I would like to extend a huge shout out to Sunshine Lemons for all she does to lead and keep this group going!
Exciting update: our "Valley of the Heart's Delight" themed tree at Christmas in the Park won the District Challenge between San José Councilmembers ! This tree reflects our City's rich history of agricultural and horticultural industries, and features ornaments for each of our D2 neighborhoods.
D2 and You: Upcoming Events
The Largest Food Program in California
Thursday February 6, 2020 from 11:00 AM to 12:30 PM

CalFresh is the largest food program in California and provides monthly food benefits to qualified individuals and families. A positive change that occurred on June 1, 2019, enables people receiving SSI/SSP benefits to qualify. This workshop will describe all of the CalFresh benefits, the application process, how to receive the maximum benefits, which food items can be purchased and will provide all necessary documentation. Staff will be on hand so that you can apply the day of the presentation or schedule a date to apply at the local office. Moreover, free yoga and cooking books will be provided. To register, please email share@bayareaolderadults.org with your name and note that Councilmember Jimenez sent you.
Discover Animal Tracks Hike for Adults Age 50+
Thursday February 6, 2020 from 11:00 AM to 12:30 PM

Join us for an easy-to-moderate two-mile hike at Calero County Park. This excursion takes us on a loop along sunny trails, past rock formations with views of green rolling hills and oak trees and Alamitos Creek. Along the way, we will learn about the wildlife that can be found at this park and how to identify their tracks. This is a perfect time of year for track identification! Everyone will be given tools to identify tracks on the trails. We will end with a bring your own social picnic lunch in a nearby garden. To register, please email share@bayareaolderadults.org with your name and note that Councilmember Jimenez sent you.
For Your Information
A message from the TechEquity Collaborative

Last October, Governor Newsom signed the Tenant Protection Act of 2019 into law, extending anti-gouging rent caps and just cause for eviction protections to 8 million California tenants. We (along with our fellow coalition members) celebrated this historic achievement, but we knew simply passing the bill wasn’t enough.

That’s why we partnered with ACCE, Community Legal Services in East Palo Alto, and the Code for San Francisco brigade to build the Tenant Protections Tool . Renters across California can understand their coverage, learn what new protections are in place, and learn their rights in the face of massive rent hikes and unjust evictions.

Our ask to you is to share this tool widely, especially with people who may not be aware of their new protections, because the law only works when people know about it.  
San José Clean Energy (SJCE) rang in the new year with cleaner electricity! Their default electricity generation service GreenSource is now 86% carbon-free, including 45% renewable from wind and solar. Despite a 6% increase in carbon-free energy compared to 2019, SJCE will maintain its 1% rate discount relative to PG&E standard service, inclusive of PG&E added fees. GreenSource also support the City’s Climate Smart San José goals creating a cleaner and more sustainable future.

We also approved the enrollment of residential and small rooftop solar (Net Energy Metering, or NEM) customers into SJCE’s GreenSource service and NEM program, which is similar to PG&E’s but with a few extra benefits. Enrollment will occur in four phases beginning in April 2020 and ending in January 2021. Customers will receive a letter in mid-January and four postcard notifications before and after service begins. SJCE still will also hold informational meetings to answer questions and assist customers.

I encourage you to learn more about the about the City’s San José Clean Energy program by visiting SanJoseCleanEnergy.org , emailing info@sanjosecleanenergy.org , or calling 833-432-2454.
Tax services provided by AARP at Southside Community Center

Appointments for tax services provided by AARP at Southside Community Center, located at 5585 Cottle Rd, San Jose, CA 95123, will take place in the computer room on Mondays from 9:00am to 3:00pm.

The first date for appointments will be Monday, February 3, 2020 and the final date is Monday, April 13, 2020 . Appointments usually last for 1 hour long and there are 4 appointments each hour. Spaces are filling up quickly.

The sign up sheet for taxes will be located at the Southside Community Center front office desk. The best number to call is the Southside Community Center number at  408-629-3336 to make an appointment.

You will need to bring these items to your appointment:
  1. Photo ID
  2. Social Security Card if a new client
  3. Last Year's Tax Return
  4. All 2019 Tax Documents
In an effort to get a more diverse Grand Jury pool, the Civil Grand Jury administrator is reaching out to diverse constituents. The deadline for the application is April 1, 2020.  Click here for the brochure and here for the application .
City boards and commissions were established for the purpose of advising the City Council and providing ongoing input into policies and issues affecting the future of the San José community.

The Senior Citizens Commission studies, reviews, evaluates and makes recommendations to the City Council on any matters affecting elderly people in the City, including health, education, employment, housing, transportation and recreation.

City Resources

Making City Hall more accessible to you, the residents, is of prime importance to the District 2 team. In addition to our staff, visit my website for some important contacts for city services that will be able to help with your questions and concerns

How you can help keep our community safe and clean

See blight or homelessness in your neighborhood or around San José? Report it to the appropriate agency. All reporting is tracked at each agency and forwarded to the appropriate response team for action.

Union Pacific (usually the property around the railroad tracks)
Submit complaints regarding the Union Pacific Railroad to the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA). Complaints regarding train noise or encampments can be submitted to their office directly by constituents either by sending an email to r7_gx@dot.gov or by phone to 916-414-2315.

Caltrans (usually property surrounding / adjacent to freeways and highways)
Fill out a Maintenance Service Request (MSR): csr.dot.ca.gov

Homeless Concerns (on City of San José property)

MySanJose App - request services on City property
Download the app to your smartphone!

Schedule a FREE Large Item pick up , right in front of your home
Visit the San José Free Junk Pick Up website to learn more and schedule your free appointment.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to my office for support in contacting these agencies and departments: (408) 535-4902 | District2@sanjoseca.gov
Need to report abandoned vehicles, street light outages, and more? Use MySanJose: Our quick & easy tool to request City services

Want to get that pothole or street light fixed? Need to report graffiti, illegal dumping or an abandoned vehicle? Have a different question for the City? With the new state-of-the-art MySanJose  app  and  website , it is now a breeze to file and track a City service request or reach one of our customer representatives. It is super easy to use – see our zippy  tutorial

Download the MySanJose app today:  www.sanjoseca.gov/mysanjose
Please don't leave your large items on the side of the road. It's easy & FREE to get rid of your junk!

San José residents can schedule FREE appointments on the Free Junk Pick Up website to have large items (such as mattresses, sofas, refrigerators, tires, and  more ) picked up by their recycling collection company. 

Thank you for keeping our City clean and combating illegal dumping!

Learn how to   report and prevent illegal dumping . Let's work together to stop trash that is illegally dumped in public spaces, sidewalks, streets, etc.!
Students, get involved! My District 2 Team is looking for interns!

Join our team and make a difference in the community! The Office of Councilmember Sergio Jimenez welcomes college or graduate school students interested community engagement, public service, policy research, and local government to apply for our District 2 Internship. 

This unpaid internship provides students with an immersive experience in day-to-day operations of a City Council office that serves about 100,000 residents. 

Student interns are expected to:
  • Communicate effectively with others
  • Adapt and work in a fast-paced environment
  • Have a willingness to learn and apply academic training to required job assignments
  • Commit a minimum of 15 hours per week

Community Resources
Get involved: District 2 Neighborhood Associations

Neighborhood Associations (N.A.s) are groups of community members who meet and collaborate to work towards common goals such as: beautification/clean-up efforts, safety enhancements, and social events. N.A.s serve as a connection between the community and City Hall. We are here to support N.A.'s by providing direction, resources, grants, help with outreach, models for success, and more.

View the interactive map of D2 N.A's on my website to find your N.A. or work with my office to start a N.A. in your area!

Sign up for N.A. Newsletters:

Reserving meeting space as an N.A.

As an established Neighborhood Association, you may reserve space for community use directly with Libraries and Community Centers in our District. As long as the meeting takes place during regular hours of operation, there is no charge to to your N.A.

If your event goes beyond the hours of operation, there is a charge for staffing. Our office is happy to accommodate 2 uses per N.A. per year for N.A.’s by paying for the staff time. Any additional uses outside of this would require your N.A. to cover the cost. 

Please contact the District 2 Office for more information!
Beyond San Jose: Get the latest news from your other elected officials

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