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When I was a child my self-image or ego, was a blank canvas.  Like the vastness of a night sky, I stood before infinite potential; I could be anyone I wanted or dreamed I could be. 
Along the path of life, we create an intricate coding of our self-image (ego), through our life's experiences and relationships.  Like emotional DNA, good or bad, this image is what we use to define who we are right now and who we will project ourselves to be.
Sometimes along life's journey we reach a point where our self-image tells us irrationally, that the road ahead is impassable.  We become immobilized by fear.  This fear is not rooted in reality, but in our ego; totally a work of fiction created by our mind.
When we feel egoistic fear, our first instinct is to judge it and find blame; it is something not yet understood. 
Instead of judgment, become a witness to the fear.  Become a witne s s to yourself  experiencing the fear until it is understood.   From a higher vantage you will find that the fear itself does not have nearly to power you once gave it.
The human body has an amazing ability to heal itself and overcome obstacles.  In the same way our self-image can be destroyed and recreated over and over many times in one's lifetime.  Just ask your self if you are the same person you were just 5 years ago?
As a teacher I experience this often with new students.  I can see in their eyes the self-imposed limitations as to why they cannot get into a particular asana. 
It is so rewarding to watch them push past the ego, experiencing a breakthrough and succeeding in a yoga pose they once thought impossible.
Our yoga practice becomes a bridge between our goals and our accomplishments.  How we spend our days is how we end up spending our lives.  Why live in fear anymore when you can be reinvented?
What self-imposed limits is your ego presenting you today, stopping you from reaching your limitless potential?

See you on the mat!
David  Scott Yglesias
David Scott Yglesias (Founder, E-RYT)
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Carolina Rivas, DC, MSACN

Chiropractic Medicine -  Clinical Nutrition

An open-minded attitude, combined with dedication and knowledge, allows this doctor to excel as a skilled chiropractic physician and nutritionist.

A graduate of the Palmer College of Chiropractic, Dr. Rivas has chosen to build her practice in her hometown of Miami, Florida with the goal of bringing an overall improvement in the quality of life for her community. 

Dr. Rivas is fluent in Spanish and English. She offers her patients wellness oriented chiropractic care for everyday health, treatment of injury, as well as the opportunity to obtain peak performance. She sees her practice of chiropractic as a source for those who want healing with a more "human" connection. She enjoys getting to know her patients on a personal and professional level, so she may better understand and treat each patient individually.

Her approach to health and wellness care is a functional one. She does not simply treat the symptom but investigates the underlying causes. Dr. Rivas believes that being patient-centered gives her a better understanding of the patient's condition and is able to personalize each treatment.

"My career objective is to aid my patients in achieving their health goals," says Dr. Rivas.
Her attribute doesn't stop there; Dr. Rivas has lengthened her knowledge of nutrition and functional medicine. She acquired a Masters in Science in Applied Clinical Nutrition from the New York Chiropractic College. She participated in the Clinical Nutrition Proficiency Certificate Program (CNPCP) offered by the University of Miami in conjunction with the Institute for Functional Medicine. And also participates in her community by teaching nutrition courses at Miami Dade College.

Dr. Rivas believes nutrition is central to our wellbeing. A well-guided nutritional program can be applied to a variety of diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, high cholesterol, gastrointestinal disorders, food allergies, and other chronic conditions. Dr. Rivas believes in educating her patients on preventative care by guiding them towards a lifestyle change, which includes nutrition and physical activity. 

People who maintain a healthy weight and include physical activity have a lowered risk of developing chronic diseases. For people to achieve a healthy weight, Dr. Rivas knows that a simple, short-term diet won't help. She understands that every patient and their situation are different. By establishing a relationship and open communication with her patients, she develops a personalized program tailored to her patients' needs. This individualized approach has given her patients the results they seek. If you are looking for nutritional help due to a disease, looking to lose weight, or simply looking to get healthier, Dr. Rivas will help you achieve your health and wellness goals.


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