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Red Snappers Can Be Difficult To Use,
But They Don't Have To Be! 
We Use Red Snappers On Our Longarms

Ruth is the equivalent of a pinning machine gun! I've never seen anyone pin faster! I'm left in the dust! [Or, should I say left in the lint?]

When I host a booth with Accomplish Quilting, we always use Red Snappers. They are fast! We can get those Solder Quilts on and off in no time. So, I purchased some Red Snappers for our shop.

Then I tried to use them. Have you ever heard the term "Klutz"? Well, that's me. I could not put on the Snappers and keep the fabric straight at the same time. Also, new Snappers are too stiff for my aged hands, or Ruth's gentle hands.

The solution was simple. We cut the Red Snappers into 2" to 5" segments. I used a PVC pipe cutter that I had from working on PVC pipe to make a quilt rack.

With the resultant small pieces, they can be kept in a bucket when not in use [shown left]. And when being used, use them just like pins. It only takes one hand to put the small snapper on the leader clothe, leaving the other hand to make sure the fabric is straight.
Red Snappers are quick and easy to put on, they keep the quilt fabrics straight and uniformly taunt.You can purchase Red Snappers in a variety of lengths from Accomplish Quilting at 866.556.2552 or
Enjoy your blessings!
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