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As a social justice organization, YWCA Evanston/North Shore offers help and healing to thousands who are affected by violence, racism, and economic insecurity. We are a lifeline to people in need.

Equally important is our work centered on prevention.

Much of what we do involves drilling deeper into tough issues, examining the root causes, and finding creative, expansive solutions.

From our work with men and boys focused on healthy masculinity, to our violence prevention programs for young people, to our aquatics program that opens its doors widely so all children can be safe in the water, we work to effect change through preventive measures.

Thank you for your support and engagement in this innovative, important work. Happy summer!

Karen Singer
Enacting a culture shift regarding violence
People don’t “just snap,” and act violently, says Hallie Cohen, who works with middle schoolers and high schoolers as part of our Building Healthy Relationships team. “Violence is a tool that people have learned to use in order to control others.”

Read more from Hallie about how she and the team engage young people in understanding violent behavior here.
YWCA reaches out to young men with compassion and creativity
YWCA violence prevention educators Antonio Rice and Brian McHugh (above), along with intern Jean Dorelus, are working with young men this summer, offering a safe space for them to open up and learn about healthy masculinity, conflict resolution, and empathy. One group is a partnership with the Village of Skokie and its police department. Read more here.
YWCA and Books and Breakfast team up for the summer 
During the summer, YWCA Evanston/North Shore serves as the gathering spot for Books and Breakfast. The Books and Breakfast children (ages K-5 th grade) meet on Saturdays in the lobby, receive books to read, and participate in swim instruction with our aquatics staff. This short video gives a snapshot of the impact of this partnership – and the joy it gives the children.
As featured on "It's Skokie" podcast
Our young men’s leadership and “Building Healthy Relationships” programs were featured on the “It’s Skokie” podcast in July. Antonio Rice (our Violence Prevention Educator) and Eileen Hogan Heineman (Manager of Equity Institute Community Outreach) talked about our violence prevention and racial equity work in Skokie — programs which are available in many other communities in northeastern suburban Chicagoland. Have a listen!
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YWomen is a fun celebration of women whose impact in the areas of women’s empowerment, racial justice, and social change inspires us!
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