BCAG is a Joint Powers Agency of the of the cities of Biggs, Chico, Gridley, Oroville, the Town of Paradise and the County of Butte. BCAG is the federally designated Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) and state designated Regional Transportation Planning Agency (RTPA) for Butte County

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S B 1 is a ten-year transportation funding package that was signed by Governor Brown in April 2017. California’s local streets and roads and state highways are in desperate need of repair. SB 1 provides critical funding to improve California’s aging transportation infrastructure.
SB 1 will provide significant and stable funding for:
  • Local streets and roadway improvement projects in all cities and counties in California
  • State highway improvement projects, including safety projects
  • Public transit system operations and capital including new buses, shelters, etc.
  • Intermodal facilities
  • Competitive grant programs to fund new transportation projects
  • Improved planning and development for project implementation
SB 1 will be managed by the California Transportation Commission (CTC), California State Transportation Agency (CalSTA), the State Controller's Office and the California Workforce Development Board.


The Butte County r egion and its member jurisdictions will receive an estimated $129.4 million dollars ( $12.9 million per year ) over a 10-year period to implement roadway improvement projects including roadway resurfacing, rehabilitation and construction, grade separations, safety improvement projects, traffic control improvements, “Complete Street” projects , and maintenance improvements. 
Below is the 10-year estimate of local streets and road funding by jurisdiction:

Based on estimates provided by Caltrans, Butte County can anticipate a significant increase in highway funding under the State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) and State Highway Operation and Protection Program (SHOPP).

Since SB 1 passage in April of this year, Butte County has already received over $82 million in funding for projects on State Route 70 and 99, and will see additional STIP and SHOPP funding approved for State Route 70 in March 2018. Below is a list of specific state highway projects funded by SB 1 in Butte County:
Note : In addition to the the above stated highway funding another $50 million is expected to be available for funding on Butte County State Highways. This would bring a total 10 – year investment in Butte County infrastructure to nearly $233 million dollars.   

Based on Caltrans estimates, Butte County will receive approximately $14 million in additional funding for Butte Regional Transit operations and capital programs over a 10-year period. The additional funding for transit will reduce the contributions from the cities and the county, thus providing additional funds for other transportation projects.

In addition, SB 1 includes competitive grant programs for transit operations and capital projects that BCAG and local jurisdictions may apply for.

Butte County and its local jurisdictions stand to receive approximately $376 million in much needed transportation funding over the ten-year term of SB 1.

SB 1 will allow the cities and the county to begin construction on a backlog of local street and road improvements for the first time in over a decade, to fix pot-holes, repave roadways and make needed safety improvements.

SB 1 will allow also BCAG and Caltrans to widen State Route 70 to four-lanes in Butte County to address recent fatalities and complete a long standing goal to connect Chico to Sacramento by a four-lane highway. This project will also have significant economic benefits for all of Butte County.

SB 1 was supported by the California League of Cities, the California State Association of Counties, and the California Association of Councils of Governments.

For more information on SB 1, go to the SB 1 Homepage below.

There is an organized effort to put an initiative on the November 2018 ballot to ask voters to repeal the gas and diesel tax increases that fund SB 1. If SB 1 were to be repealed, Butte County would lose hundreds of millions of dollars in needed transportation funding for local streets and roads, and State Route 70 would not be improved to four-lanes.
Additionally, there is no alternative funding identified to pay for the critical transportation improvement projects in Butte County outlined above should SB 1 be repealed, all of these roadway improvement projects will not happen.  California voters could have an important decision to make regarding the state’s transportation future next November.