Dear Friends,
A great way to enrich our reading of the Word is to step into the story, seeking to discover new truths. That’s what I did this week. As I was reading Mark 1, I joined Peter, Andrew, James, and John as they were fishing by the Sea of Galilee. (By the way, next February I will be leading a tour to Israel, and we will take a boat trip on this Sea.) Jesus walked by and gave them an invitation to follow Him. Here was the exact response from the four, “At once they left their nets and followed him…Without delay, they left their nets.” WOW, what would my response be if Jesus passed by my house while I was doing yard work, or passed me while I was shopping at one of our local businesses or while I was having a cup of coffee? Would I immediately follow Him? Then I asked myself a couple of questions, “Would Jesus be pleased with my attitude displayed on a daily basis; would my actions toward others be acceptable to Him; would He express to me that He was pleased with my growth as His disciple?” Those are questions we should all ask of ourselves, because He is viewing our lives and He wants to assist us in being effective disciples who are committed to LifeChange.
This Sunday we will continue in our series, Getting to Know Your Family, and we will look at our Port Naz Commitment #2, we live out the Great Commission. Maybe, just maybe, Jesus will walk through our campus and say to you, Come, follow Me. How would you respond?
Thank you for giving faithfully of His tithes and your offerings, enabling us to continue the ministries of the church.